The Queen, day 28 and stepping into YOUR sovereignty

1150260_10203272232794896_860000713_nSo last week I dined at the palace.Buckingham Palace. Yep, I dined with royalty. Which seemed like a really rather fabulous and apt way to celebrate stepping into my own sovereignty this year. Queen Lisa o’ SASSYville. I can totally rock a crown.

So while sat at a dining table, in a ridiculously grand and beautiful room in Buckingham Palace, in the presence of HRH, with more cutlery and glasses in front of me than I could shake a stick at, I took a moment. I am the Queen of me.  And I'm sat here, in Buckingham Palace, having dinner with HRH. No longer having parents alive changes yo’ shit up in a trillion ways, but one of the big ones for me, has been that it’s made me a whole lot more fearless. Now that the people who birthed me into this world are no longer with me in human form, there’s this strange sense o’ freedom. A feeling that I can step up and do and be ANYTHING I want. It doesn’t mean I don’t miss them, cry for them, want to hold their hand, and be kissed by them. I do. Every day. But I am here, without them, and that? Well that has made me courageous and fierce-ass. In my relationships, in business, in life. But, and this is the important bit, I’m still very much a work in progress and the hardest thing about being the courageous and fierce-ass Queen o’ SASSYville? Letting go of both the good AND bad things people say about you.

For example, I’ve been asked by a few of my writer-girl clients to share some of my own stories regarding the rejection and criticism I experienced in the publication process. So I woke up on Sunday thinking ‘I’ll write a blog post and use my book, SASSY as an example.' it's a complete 'love it or hate it' book, I've always known that. I talk spirituality AND lipstick and make no apologies for it. What I hadn't taken into account, despite having launching Explore Your Lady Landscape on Friday, was that I was day 28 of my menstrual cycle, I was cranky and I was emotional. It was NOT the day to read my amazon reviews.

1 star reviews + eye water + hefty self-doubt = epic-sized pity party for one all before 8am.

Yes, I’m a Queen but I’m a messy, imperfect human Queen. This is one o’ the many reasons I journal, to make a note o' moments like this - so that I can laugh about 1 star reviews when the royalty cheque comes in, so I can understand that day 28 of my menstrual cycle needs to be a build a blanket fort kind o' day, and most importantly so that I make a massive note in my diary NOT to look at Amazon reviews. EVER. We’re not £50 notes. Not everyone is going to like us or the work we do, others will seriously love it and want you to write a million more books - which is why I work at not letting what other people think of me effect how I rule SASSYville - bad OR good. When HRH decides she’s had enough of a good thing, she simply gives someone the nod, they arrange for whoever is in her presence to stand, and g-friend leaves. If someone is boring her, she gives one of her people the signal and they step in and finish the convo for her. Now, while I don’t have convo-finishers, although I would kinda like one now, I’ve found more and more so since my parentals have left their bodies, that I’m okay with the fact that I'm the one running the show around here. I can lose my shit, mess up and walk away from people or situ’s that don’t make me feel good, it's a totally okay to do that. And yep, there are times - usually between days 25 and 29 o’ my menstrual cycle where you might be able to take a swipe at my crown - but for the most part o’ being Lisa Lister, creatrix o’ awesome, I care less about what people think of me, and more about what my heart yearns for. I’m no longer a people pleaser. I please myself. My only interest is in love, in following my heart and being a called girl and I do that without apology. In fact mostly, I do it with high fives and chest bumps. All hail the Queen!

What does being Queen of your domain look like? What one step could you take today to step into your soverignty? Would love for you to share in the comments below!