The Lady Landscape Lessons


Starting today, and for the next 7 days, I will be sharing a #ladylandscape lesson each day on Instagram. Yep, to celebrate that registration is now open for Explore Your Lady Landscape, I'll be sharing a daily lesson on how to explore, navigate + most importantly, learn to love your lady landscape. There will be starring roles from Paloma Pelvis, if you have questions about endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS, pads v. tampons, mood swings, sex drive - head over to Instagram, follow me @sassylisalister + if you share any of the lessons throughout the week with the hashtag #ladylandscape you'll be put in the draw to win a place on the Explore Your Lady Landscape 28 day online immersion - HURRAH!

#ladylandscape Lesson - Get geeky Our menstrual cycle is the key to unlocking what’s good and what’s not so good in our life. If you’re suffering from PMT - pain, mood swings, wanting to gouge out somebody's eye with a spoon (please say that isn't just me?!!), it’s your body’s signal that usually you’re not paying enough attention in the other phases of our cycle – maybe you’re working too hard, or maybe you’re not taking time out to do the things that would nourish or replenish you because you're just too busy? Which is why I encourage ALL women to start charting your moods and actions for at least three months. Why? Because you’ll begin to see patterns emerge, tendencies will make themselves known and you’ll really start to see your cyclic nature in action.

You’ll see that there are days when you want to curl up in a ball and hide under the duvet and then there are days when you are so full of energy you could work for 14 hours straight and still take on the world. You'll be able to see that these emerge at around the same day, in the same phase, each month. You’ll be able to start starring the days on a calendar when you really rock out, days when you are teary so you need to keep tissues in your bag and days when you are so red with rage you shouldn't leave the house. One of my most favourite realisations-through-charting was from a client who noticed that on day 27 of her cycle, a few days before her bleed each month, her husband ‘drank water like he was chewing carrots.’ Best. Quote. Ever.

You'll start to see when your family really annoy you, when your lover is so irresistible you text them at work saying; ‘get home now, I want you’ and when you actually want to do housework (I hate housework, but there is one day, each cycle, day 21 for me, when I actually just want everything to be put away and clean – it's a revelation!)

When you can start to see what comes up for you each day, over three months, you’ll see patterns begin to emerge, patterns that will become your personal hot spots and super powers – during Explore Your Lady Landscape I'll be going into each phase in depth + providing you with fun ways to chart (it really doesn't have to be dullsville, I promise!) but if you want to start now, wait 'til the first day of your bleed, mark it on the calendar and start to note what you're feeling physically + emotionally to start with (I defy you to not want to get new stationery, and get crazy-geeky over this, because when you start to chart, you can start to get super-specific to you and over the months, you begin to create your very own menstrual map – because forewarned is forearmed, right?

As you become more aware of each phase of the cycle and how you personally experience each one of them, you will find it much easier to recognise and use the super powers of that phase. You will also experience a far greater acceptance of your body, your menstrual cycle and your complete feminine nature, because your menstrual cycle is way more than just a biological process; it’s a cycle of ever-changing spiritual, emotional, creative energy, a road map that leads right back to the very essence of you.


When you chart, you’ll start to see that you experience life through the lens of the current phase that you’re in, how you observe the world changes from week to week, so at each phase of your menstrual cycle, you show up to life differently. How I answer a question during ovulation will be very different to how I answer a question at menstruation. Can you see how knowing this information could actually start to really help you plan dates, plan business meetings, plan your entire life? And more importantly than all that, it will help you to realise that you’re not crazy, and that you’re not consistent, you’re a woman, you’re cyclic and that is NOT a bad thing. In fact, just so you know, it’s a really bloody amazing thing.

Being consistent is a masculine construct and does not serve us as women, when we try to work, create and love from this place, we end up exhausted and depleted because it’s simply not sustainable for the feminine.

You CAN do it, but at some point, as I mentioned last week, you will break. So it makes a LOT more sense to stop trying to impose a false model upon women that suggests we always need to be seen, wearing a game-face and taking action in order to validate ourselves as successful.

The magic of the menstrual cycle means that every month, you have the opportunity to nurture and honour yourself, to renew and restore your energies, not just physically from the shedding and renewing of your eggs and womb lining, but your confidence, your dreams, your sexuality are all renewed during menstruation ready to be used again in pre-ovulation – how freaking awesome is that? And the good news is that you will find you can do and accomplish more without feeling use- less, exhausted or frustrated. In fact, you will maximise your impact, your influence and more importantly, your pleasure in the process. Hurr-freakin-rahhh!

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