The Group Jam. No hard sell, just a li'l gentle pimpage.

So, it's the first 'official' week o' the new year and my inbox is positively overflowing with emails for new ways to improve myself, lose weight, courses to join, things to do that will make me better/thinner/richer/happier...which is why I'm hugely aware that you don't need me rocking up pimping yet another programme/course/system making a promise to change your life. Except, I DO have an awesome 6-week programme starting on the 16th that will make your life better.

Write The Freakin' Book: The Group Jam

This ain't no hard sell. There's no special offer to encourage you to sign up. It's your call, gorgeous girl.

I LOVE writing. I LOVE stories. I LOVE working with kick-ass women who want to write and share their story. Which is why I'm just going to say:

[quote style="boxed" float="none"]Look, I'm doing a 6 week writer-girl jam starting on the 16th o' January.

It's going to be an amazing opportunity to tell YOUR story, write a book and start a revolution.

You'll hook up with fellow writer-girl superstars, learn what publishing method will work for you, and magick will happen, as it inevitably does, when women come together and share their stories.

You will quite literally write yourself awesome...[/quote]

I would LOVE for you to join us, registration ends Friday 11th January, 2013. Head over to Write Your Freakin' Book: The Group Jam for more deets, or if you've got questions about whether the course is for you, need a payment plan, or you want to tell me how in awe you are of my ability to accessorise, email me at: