The future is female?


I am 35,000 words in to the Shitty First Draft of the new book + it is ALL consuming.I go to sleep thinking about it, I wake up thinking about it + I currently only stop for morning SHE flow yoga, chocolate eating, nidra + Instagram breaks.

Now yesterday when I was writing the introduction, (I never write in a linear order, not being rebellious, it’s just how I flow) I quoted the phrase ‘the future is female’ – a slogan worn on the tee of well-known singer-songwriter, Alix Dobkin in 1975. I was writing about the blood-red terrain of the current lady landscape we reside in, one where we can wear a 'the future is female' tee yet still have no support or guidance as to how to be a bleeding woman who is working a 15 hour shift, how we are yet to be able to live a fully cyclic experience as a woman in her SHE Power + questioning what that would even look like. When I googled ‘the future is female’, I hit upon a feature that outlined a feud between design collective @otherwild + model @CaraDelevingne that was unravelling in real-time over on Instagram.


The feud

Basically, Otherwild have re-created the tee worn originally by Alix Dobin in 1975, designed by her girlfriend, Liza Cowan. Otherwild give a super-respectful nod to the original creator, the story behind it + give a percentage of profit to charity. The tee has been worn by the likes of Lena Dunham + Cara was featured in the New York Times rocking her very own Otherwild-designed tee only two weeks previously. So far so fabulous, right? Well, yesterday Cara launched a limited edition run of the same design with all money from sales going to charity but with no mention of Otherwild or the tee's origin. As you can imagine, Shit. Has. Gone. Down. Why do I care + why am I sharing this with you?

The future is female?

Because watching the feud play out triggered ALL my lady buttons (+ not in a good way) and speaks to the very thing I’m currently writing about, so I figured it would be good for us to have a bloody conversation about it. We get excited + fired up by fierce + feminine messages like the ‘future is female’ because we can FEEL it deep down in our lady bones to be true. We are becoming more aware of our innate cyclic nature + we exist in a time where we have a voice + are not burned for it, except we also currently reside in a patriarchal construct with no cues as to how to navigate the fierce + feminine awakening that’s emerging within us. (That’s a lie, we do, it’s our womb + gut connection – when THIS is activated, moved, honoured, loved on + INbodied, we grow mumma nature-deep roots, big-ass metaphorical ovaries, we become unfuckable with, we become the revelation AND the revolution – except no one’s teaching us that. YET. FYI: Love Your Lady Landscape is out July 2016, people. Just saying.)

The spiritual quickening

Alongside that, there is a spiritual quickening (I wrote about this in yesterday’s SHE reading) which means, what took the generations that went before us years to learn + master, can now be learned in weeks + months thanks to the Internet, but in doing so, we're skipping the REALLY important part, the bit where we grow roots in OUR truth + when we do THIS, we rise strong in our SHE Power. (That's the 'I'm unfuckable with' stuff!) If we DON’T do that, if we don't grow roots, if we don't honour our SHE story, we continue looking outside of ourselves for the answers, we think meditating, drinking a green juice + repeating a mantra makes us spiritual, we grab for what we think belongs to us + call it our own, instead of letting our own dance, our own rhythm, dictate our flow.

There’s also the whole ‘who owns what’ debate, which is another blog post entirely, and then, well, then there’s the comments. Otherwild turned to name calling + asked their followers to go over to Cara's page + call her out, Cara denied all knowledge that she'd done anything wrong + simply added 'thanks to Otherwild' in an edited post, Cara was called vile + abusive names by female supporters of Otherwild and quite frankly, it got really fucking messy. Oh, and don’t get me started on the male trolls who get a boner from a group of women who are verbally mud brawling over who owns the slogan: The Future Is Female. Now Alanis, THAT’S ironic. Don’t you think?

The lady Landscape

THIS is the lady landscape right now. No one trusts their own flow, their own rhythm, their own body wisdom, not yet. (Code Red is a REALLY good place to start. Just saying.) We want to wear the slogan tee but we rarely want to take the time to know the origin of it’s meaning. Or we say namaste without exactly knowing why, get the picture, right? We say we support a female future but we still heavily rely on the tools of the male-led past to do business – competition, a disregard of the teachers who have gone before, taking what we think belongs to us, claiming what we think is ours and holding onto it so tightly we create nail marks in our palms (this is no one’s fault by the way, over 2,000 years of patriarchy will do that to us!)

This isn’t a blog with a start, beginning and an end, (I’m SO over those) it’s a conversation starter – a bloody conversation, my favourite kind – and I’d love to know what YOU think. About the Otherwild/Cara feud, about the slogan ‘the future is female’ itself, about girl on girl hate, about the lady landscape you’re currently residing in…

Where am I at with it? Right now, I think the future IS female (and as always, I am NOT dissing dudes, I LOVE dudes, some of my best friends are dudes, yada, yada) but there’s over 2,000 years of patriarchy to unpack/let go of/re-appropriate before we can fully flourish in both our inner + outer lady landscapes, and to do that we need to grow ovary-deep roots in the truth of who we are so that we become unfuckable with, so we can stand strong, bend + bow in the storms but not break + hold each others hands and help each other up as we rise - what do you think? #roottorise (love a hashtag!)