The art of receiving + Yoni Power


“Women whose heart + yoni (vagina) have opened completely have the power to change the face of the Earth. And the first step towards this absolute embodiment is to cleanse the womb + yoni from the energetic residue of conditioning + emotions left in it by the outer world + her sexual experiences. A yoni is regarded as the very source from which the universe emerges; it nurtures existence & dissolves matter + form back into the universal blackness.” - Peruquois

Hell yes. If you've been following my #ninenightsofshepower over on Instagram, you'll know that I've been talking about how we need to take up space, stop apologising, stop trying to be the 'good girl', stop seeking validity + confirmation of our worth outside of ourselves + learn how to cultivate, re-awaken + reclaim our SHE Power, our lady magic, that resides in our womb + yoni.

Y'see, lady kind are REALLY good at giving. You only have to watch a mumma in action to see how selfless she is at tending to the needs of others, but how do you feel about receiving? I talk in Code Red about how receiving is something we can learn + experience fully in the second half of our menstrual cycle, except no one has ever taught us how, and it's why so many of us feel pain, dis-ease + discomfort during pre-menstruation + menstruation because we are simply not open to receive. In fact, we've been taught that the act of being able to fully receive - compliments, love, pleasure and all the thousands of glorious nuances in between - should feel selfish, should feel superflous, should feel unnecessary. You KNOW I'm about to sound the bullshit horn about now, right?! *horn is sounding* This is BULLSHIT.

As a lady landscaper, menstrual maven and advocate for the health + well-being of all things 'down there', I need you to know that you are at your most receptive through your sexual energy centre; your yoni + womb. You experience this during sex, but also energetically in your every day life too. So much is absorbed through your sexual centre without even realising it, every person who's touched you intimately has left an imprint - lovers, one-night stands, doctors giving you an examination, people who you didn't want to touch you, uncomfortable bicycle seats, tight jeans - your lower chakras literally become an energy store, so if what you've received, or are receiving didn't or doesn't feel good (remember no Judge Judy here, when we know better we do better - totally misquoting guru Maya Angelou) for example, emotions such as guilt, fear, shame, abuse - these can get stuck in your powerful womb space, the space where your SHE Power, your innate feminine wisdom, your connection to source also resides. Except if it's bunged up, it's unable to flow effectively and this SHE power is the stuff of confidence, self-esteem + self worth. The good stuff. The stuff that makes us powerful.

“Every time you have a painful experience + you choose not to feel a certain emotion you develop armour around your sexual organs. This armour serves to protect you from feeling pain, but it also shuts down your ability to feel pleasure, excitement and joy.”- Leyolah Antara

Storing up emotions + creating sexual organ armour can + will create all sorts of physical, emotional + energetic symptoms such as: repressed anger, depression, blocked sexual + creative energy, frustration, bloating, fear of intimacy + abandonment, low self worth/esteem, unworthy feelings + difficulty with orgasm + receiving pleasure in all its forms - which is why we need to learn + teach our girls how to receive. I have spent a huge part of my 17 year career going into schools and colleges talking to girls about self-esteem, body image, sex education and SHE power and EVERY time we talk about sex, self-respect and the act of receiving girls believe - yep it's actually part of their belief system - that they should be the one giving pleasure, not receiving it and they give pleasure to receive love/validation/proof of existence + worth. 'I need to do well at school to make my parents proud' 'I'm going to become a doctor because it's what my parents want' 'I smoke because I want to be cool + for the girls in the year above me to like me' 'If I give him a blow job, he'll like me.' 'He'll like me even more if I swallow.' I'd sound the bullshit horn, but honestly? This just makes me bloody sad. It makes me sad that in 16 years, I'm STILL hearing this from both women and girls. It makes me sad that with porn being so readily available, teen boys believe every woman's prime goal in life is to satisfy his sexual needs by performing reverse cowgirl with body hair removed to within an inch of her life with absolutely no concern as to how to give her pleasure. (And for her to not love herself enough to know what she likes because she's never been taught to receive pleasure, and if she does know, to not have the confidence to ask for it.) It makes me sad that there are women in the world who still haven't experienced an orgasm, it makes me sad that some women will never experience an orgasm because their culture dictates that their clitoris is removed.

Which is why I URGE you to BE THE CHANGE. It has to start with YOU. You have to listen to your body prompts + let her tell you what she needs, what she desires, what she wants more of. In + out of the bedroom.


Yoni breathing is such a powerful way to connect with your womb + yoni - and there are lots of different ways to do it, some of which I share in my SHE Flow Yoga: The Essentials course, but this version is super simple. Breathing deeply with awareness on your yoni wakes up this entire area, we are so disconnected from this space of power, that literally breathing life into her will create energy flow and shed light on suppressed emotions that might be stored here.

How to yoni breathe:

1. Inhale for 5 counts, draw white light up from Mumma Earth, visualise it entering your yoni + hold your awareness there. 2. Hold for 5 counts while you squeeze your yoni and pelvic floor muscles. 3. Exhale, visualising and feeling the light and your awareness travel up the body and out the crown chakra, as you release any tension.

Do this for 10 minutes each morning.


I created SHE Flow Yoga for LOTS of reasons, but one of the main ones was to create a fierce + feminine, sensual movement practice that re-connected women with their body so that they KNEW what felt good + what didn't, because the more you know + love your own body and what she needs to feel good, the more you will know how to ask for what you want + what you wish to receive.


REALLY get to know her. Touch yourself, take sensual oil-filled baths, know your menstrual cycle and her super-powers + use the bleed itself to let go of what's no longer serving you each + every month. Your menstrual cycle is a healing art all of it's very own so connect with it, discover it's phases and when is good to give + when it's necessary to receive. When you experience the ebb and flow of giving and receiving, you'll start to see how important it is that there's a balance.

What's your relationship with receiving? Are you a giver but have no idea how to receive? Do you struggle with the idea of connecting with your womb + yoni as a source of power - why? No judgement, just real bloody conversations.