Despite my unbridled love for the land o' the free, I'm not an American-o, and while I like to think I have an attitude for gratitude every single day, I really am rather fond of the American-o's love for their day o' thanks, so I'm totes jumping on the bandwagon and riding the thanks train all the way to gratitude land...

My biggest thanks is for my beau and our soul fam. I feel nothing but total and utter love stuff when I spend time with them, and I mean when I actually spend time with them, when I'm present, in the moment. When we listen to each other, share our hopes and dreams, support and nurture each other, laugh - loud and often, smile, eat and cry together. I'm so grateful that I am surrounded by awesome people - inspiring, motivational, loving people. I spend SO much time on my 'puter working, building a career, taking calls, that in order to REALLY appreciate the amazing people in my world, especially that hot Viking beau o' mine, I need to pull the plug on all things techno and plug into the people that matter, because people make memories, 'puters don't.

Happy Thanksgiving American-o's, everyone else, give thanks to the people in your world who matter, no matter what day it is!