Telling your truth

There was a time when I said, and wrote, what I thought people wanted to hear.

Because sometimes, it's easier to simply keep quiet, not rock the boat, to keep the peace, right?

I spoke out recently about something I was NOT cool about. Someone's behaviour did NOT sit well with me. Turns out that I'm not the only person who doesn't dig this person's attitude and behaviour, but it seems that before now, it's been easier for others to simply accept this person's attitude and behaviour and laugh it off.

Except, when you're a girl who's living your truth, standing totally in your SHE power, if something doesn't sit well, you speak up.

BE WARNED: Speaking up WILL cause ripples. It may give other people permission to speak out, people may get angry at you, some people might wish you'd just keep your bloody mouth shut.

I remember the first time I spoke out publicly. I was 20, I was a youth worker and I wrote a feature in a magazine about women's right to choose to have an abortion. The next day, the headmaster of a local Catholic school went to the paper and declared me a 'peddlar of death'. G-friend was front page news. I'd spoken my truth, people didn't like it and it was on the front freakin' page of my local newspaper. Not my finest hour. I took to my bed, cried a bit and seriously questioned whether I should have just kept quiet. But who would that have served? Not the girls who read that article and thanked me for writing the feature. Not the girls who read that article and didn't write to me, but for who it provided information to make informed decisions about their bodies.

It was then I realised I wasn't a $50 bill.

Not everyone is going to like me. Not everyone is going to accept me, dig my opinions, or like what I've got to say. But do you know what? That's really okay. There was a time when it wasn't, when I desperately looked for outside validation to prove I was worthy, that I deserved to be in the world.

Not anymore.

If we don't bring things up, if we don't say what we believe, if we don't question people's behaviour then nothing changes. Everything remains the same.

People, mostly my mumma and ex-boyfriends, have often asked me, 'why can't you just keep quiet?' Thing is, I could. Of course I could. Except it wouldn't change what I feel, and without expressing how I feel, those thoughts would just sit inside me becoming a whole lot o' toxic.

Toxic = not goodness.

If we hold back on speaking our truth, we can literally make ourselves poorly. It doesn't mean you have an Access All Areas pass to be rude, but your truth is...well, it's your truth. You can't be responsible for how your truth lands, sometimes it will cause ripples, sometimes it'll create a total freakin' shit storm, but if it's real, if it's true to you, say it. Sing it from your big beat-y heart. Write it in your facebook status, twitter it, write a book.

Be who you really are. Not everyone will love it, but trust that your sweet-ass authentic truth is the greatest gift you can share with the world. 

What truth have you been holding back from saying out loud because you were worried/fearful/scared/worried how it would land? Care to share?


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