Tarot Readings - Sassy Style!

Over the festive season, I did a tarot reading for a gorgeous lady called Cat, I saw that by August, she'd give up her life in London and be working in a sunny climates, she mailed me yesterday to say the flight leaves today and she's heading off to a beautiful locale in the sun to start her brand new life - wohhhooo! Now that really is SASS in action! To celebrate, I've decided that this weekend is your chance to make a date with your destiny - SASSY style, obv.

From 7pm tonight 'til 7pm Sunday evening, you can book a 5 card e-tarot reading from the Sassy Sorceress - that's me BTW - for the super purse-friendly price o' a crisp £10 note! Do you have a question you need answering? Would you like a 3 month life o' awesomeness forecast? Or do you need to know some specifics, like, what's going on with the love stuff or if there's a new job on the horizon?

Or, if you're feeling super-generous, you could take advantage of this weekend's offer and purchase a reading or two to give as a pressie - I have lovely e-vouchers!

To book a reading ( you don't have to have it this weekend, you can have it whenever you jolly well want, just let me know!) mail me at: lisa.sassysorceress@gmail.com, I'll send you a paypal invoice, you send me £10 and we'll make that date with your destiny, pronto!