Strawberry Sunday

Holla sweet cheeks, hope all is good in your 'hood? Have you shook off all that 3-eclipses-in-6-weeks weird energy?! Ohhh, I was struggling with that last week, I was all out o' whack, feeling blah and without purpose and intent, but no more, nope, I've shook off the blahs and am now brimming over with the good stuff - what events, moments, people and places are your strawberries this week? Sassy plans - I'm not going to lie, I am so crazy-happy today that I could burst! I did a new-moon cycle tarot reading for myself last night and it was as if my spiritual homegirls were whooping and high-fiving the new plans o' Sassy domination that I've been working on all weekend - if I do say so myself, they're pretty freakin' awesome. Right now they're just felt-tip scribbles on pages of A4, but soon, well, in the next 6 months, they will become real actual awesomeness - huzzah!

Beyonce - To aid my creative process this weekend, I have mostly been listening to Beyonce. I ADORE everything about this woman and I'm especially loving singing Run the World at the top o' my voice. Who runs the world? GIRLS! Freakin' love it.

Bars o' yummo - these bars o' deliciousness came about because the beau was paying crazy amounts o' money for a protein bar each time he'd had a gym workout, so I did a bit o' research and created my own bar o' yummo for a fraction o' the price and scored myself much love stuff from the beau - win!

INGREDIENTS Peanut butter - 1.5 cups honey - 0.5 cups sunflower/pumpkin seeds - 1 cup oats - 2 cups sultanas - 1 cup

WHAT TO DO: - mix together all the dry ingredients - microwave the peanut butter with the honey in bowl for 1 minute - mix the pb & honey combo well - Pour over dry ingedients and mix well - pour into dish and press - wait 'til cool, cut up and munch - yummo!

Nutrition course - yep, I've become a student girl again and I'm studying for a diploma in nutrition and health - I know, who'd have funk'd it?! I handed in my first assignment thi s week, and I've already learned more in one lesson than I learned my entire time at Uni, incredz. I love filling my brain with new knowledge that I can work with personally and then use in my work to help others. I've also signed up for tribal belly dancing, I start in 2 weeks time - yes, it'll be a fun way to keep fit, but you KNOW I'm just busting to wear the ensemble, don't you?!

Body brushing - I recently read The Way of the Happy Woman and the author, Sara Avant Stover got me allsorts o' curious about the act o' drybrushing as a spiritual act o' self-love, as well as getting your blood moving in the right direction, so after a trip to Boots, where I bought the Botanics Long-handled Body Brush, I got my neekid on. On dry skin, work up from the soles o' your feet using long, gentle sweeping strokes, then move onto your hand, arms, tummy and back, finishing with the neck and scalp. As I did it, I whispered sweet nothings to each body part, 'thank you legs for holding me up and for being long and lovely', once brushed, Sara recommends oiling yourself before taking a shower. I love nothing more than a sweet-smelling oil, but recently to save money, I bought a huge bottle o' wheatgerm oil which is AMAZING for nourishing skin. It doesn't smell too yum though, so I add a few drops of my favourite essential oils, bergamot and grapefruit - insta-firming oil for not too many pennies - hurrah! The Red Tent by Anita Diamant - according to the blurb, this is the oldest story never told. Now, I've heard people talk about this book for a whole lot of forever, but it's never been something I've been drawn to read. until now. They say that a book will find you at the right time when you need it most, and wowzers, this book has deffo done that. It's an epic celebration of womanhood, written for women everywhere, regardless of their status, creed or colour. It's the story of a woman whose life was blessed by great love and torn by tragedy, of the lessons she learned through her own experiences and those of the women, and men, whose lives she touched. I cannot put it down. Everything else seems like a bit o' an inconvenience right now, because quite frankly, all I want to do is finish this book, then read it all over again. You can but from my store o' sass, so you can fall in love with it too.