Strawberry Sunday

So, I was a bit of a slack-ass last Sunday, but it wasn't because I didn't have any juicy, juicy strawberry moments o' gratitude to share, but I was lifting and shifting boxes - um...I was actually just supervising the process - as lat weekend was officially the weekend I moved in with the beau, which in itself is it's very own strawberry...We're still up to our eyeballs in unpacking and painting and other such things that happen when you move house, but the important thing is, I'm in, we get to have a LOT o' snuggle time on the sofa and the bathroom has been suitably pinked...hurrah! So, as well as this big fat juicy strawberry o' goodness, other things I am thankful for this week are:

Charity shops - the beau has bought me the most fabulous chest o' drawers from our local chazza shop. One man's rubbish is another man's treasure, right? Well, this li'l beauty is damn right gorgeous, was ridiculously reasonable and I channeled Kirsty Allsop and lined the drawers with rather pretty lining material - I am a self-proclaimed freakin' domestic goddess.

The Tor - Now anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE the Glastonbury, but my visits very rarely include a visit to the Tor. Mainly because I'm a little bit lazy and while it's truly, truly beautiful when you're up there, just the thought of the journey to the top sends me into a sweat. Well, after two weeks of gym visits, the beau and I woke up to see that the mists o' Avalon were rolling in and covering the Isle with a blanket of cool gorgeousness, so decided that it would be the perfect time to climb the Tor. It was quite possibly the most magickal experience we have encountered together so far, as we climbed, the mists remained thick covering the land, until we reached the top and the sky was blue and the bright Ostara sun was burning brightly. We sat for hours, meditating and watching as the mists burned away to reveal the lush green levels - it was so beautiful to experience this delicious sight and connect with the goddess as I watched her unfurl the beauty o' spring in front o' my eyes.

Adventures in Manifesting - Since January, I have been on a journey o' manifesting with the fabulous Sarah & Sean - the course has connected me with a community of amazingly beautiful souls who have inspired me, kicked my butt and questioned negative thought patterns, I've also learned some rather amazing techniques for manifesting, put them into practice and the last few weeks I have seen a real shift in my ability to make things happen - I've always been a manifesting queen - it's my thing du jour - but working with Sarah and Sean has really taken it up a notch, I feel like I have super-girl manifesting powers now - watch out world!

Pic taken by: Matthew Holbrook

The moon - if you haven't seen it, run, don't walk to a window or an outdoor space RIGHT NOW. It's incredible. It's a super-moon and there's allsorts of things being written about it all over the interpipes, but all I know is it's the most beautiful sight in the entire universe. And, because our abode is on the 4th floor, right now it's illuminating our entire living space - the cat is going a li'l crazy, but I am in complete awe of it's power - I will be making my full moon vision board this evening and practicing a li'l manifesting magick in the process.

What are your strawberries this week?