Strawberry Sunday

Sunday already? How did that happen?! here are my juicy-juicy strawberries, the things I'm all kinds o' grateful for, this week...

Swanky press trips to Londinium - I am in a rather lucky position that I get invited to a LOT of lovely press launches, but Thursday's Gok Wan for Specsavers soiree was really rather fabulous. Posh-o hotel, lovely attentive team and the rather delicious Gok Wan on hand to offer stylin' advice - what's not to love? Oh, and I am also the brand new owner of a pair of bee-you-tiful cat's eye specs that I've been told make me look like a minxy art teacher! Huzzah. Ohhh, AND I got to meet up with blogger and gorgeous gal-pal Sarah too - she's awesome sauce.

Moving - Now, the actual act of moving house fills me with all kinds of dread, but I have a super-buff beau who won't let me lift boxes up the 8 flights o' stairs to his flat despite the fact I've got over 20 boxes o' books alone, but he does let me choose pretty pictures for the wall and decide where all the lovely things will go. Pampered Princess - moi?! Absolutely.

Kim Kardashian interviews Elizabeth Taylor - I could not LOVE this combination more. Read it in all it's fabulousity here.

Girly sleepovers - pizza, wine, chocolate and PJs - who knew at aged 32, sleepovers could STILL be as fun as they were when you were 12? My gorgeous friend Debbie and I stayed up until 2.30 talking, sharing and giggling and I've been filled-to-the-brim with happy stuff ever since - life is definitely better when shared with your gal-pals. Fact.

Collecting compliments - this week I have been bombarded with the word candy - whilst it does make me go all-a-blush, I collect them up for the days when real life gets...well, too real lifey. "If the world was filled with people like you, it would be a truly beautiful place." - From the waitress in Bella Italia (who had managed to monumentally unintentionally insult me before hand - totally redeemed herself with that!) "You've got style, g-friend" - Gok Wan "You are good for me and I love catching up with you. I leave feeling alive, that is an amazing talent to have!" - a gorgeous girl friend. How nice is that? "I spotted you across Waterloo station - you had real attitude!" - A member of the Specsavers team who'd seen me at Waterloo station!

Hungry: Crystal Renn - I LOVED this book. If you love AMNTM, this is the REAL story behind the modelling industry. Crystal, a successful model with killer curves, shines a spotlight on the darker side of modelling and through the telling of her own story, she documents how she went from a very ill size 0 model at the age of 14, to a crazy-successful 21 year old plus-size model. If you're curious about the pressure on young girls to adhere to the media's distorted perceptions, or if you're struggling with your own image, this book is incredibly inspiring and thought provoking.