Strawberry Sunday

Yep, it's that time again and look...I've actually managed to write it on a Sunday this week - go me! So my sweet, juicy strawberries of awesomeness this week are...

★ Girl Power When I was younger, my friends were predominantly male, mainly because I was a bit of a tomboy, but a li'l bit to do with not liking girls too much. My experience o' girls wasn't good - they bitched, they bullied and they went out of their way to make me feel as worthless as possible. Then when I went to University, things changed. I met kick-ass girls and women who wanted to support and nurture me, I studied women from history who changed the world, I made friends with girls who 'got me'. Now, in my 30's - early 30's, people - I thank the goddess every day for the fact I'm a girl and that EVERY DAY I build big, beautiful connections with other gorgeous girls around the globe who inspire me, motivate me, answer my crazy questions and support me. Take last Friday, I met with the gorgeous Miss Lyndsey Whiteside - PR Queen at Inspired PR after 2 glasses of wine and some rather suspect vegan cheese - icksville - we were literally planning world domination. I HEART being a girl.

★ Goddess Podcast o' Awesomeness Talking of gorgeous girls who I've made connections with, I am beyond happy to call Miss Leonie, the creatrix of one of my gorgeous gal-pals. Even though she's a gazillion miles across the ocean, we have a crazy Scorpio soul sister connection that I ADORE. This week, I finally got round to listening to Leonie's first podcast, and seriously, it was like she had got inside my head, had a poke around at all the things that were bothering me and made a podcast about it. Go listen to it, you will literally be bubbling up with joy by the end o' it. J'adore.

★ Imelda May I won't bore you with my love o' the beau, but he went and got a whole lot more adorbz this week when he took me to see my current girl crush, rock-a-beauty, Imelda May. Dublin born Imelda is sass-personified. Yes she looks freakin' fabulous - her style is a nod to the 1950s and 1960s era of rockabilly and rock 'n' roll - but her talent will blow your mind. Especially if up until now, you've been surviving on a diet o' Riri and Gaga.

The beau and I danced our li'l socks off as we found ourselves immersed in the raw ability of Imelda and her crazy-talented band. May's voice shifts from power and seduction in the space of a line – her tender folk ballads I'm Alive and Kentish Town Waltz were total highlights for me. I heart Imelda. Fact.

★ Exercise Yep, really. I LOVE how exercise makes me feel. I do however need to stress, that I do NOT love doing it. I know that's not very positive thinking of me, but it's the truth. Right now though, exercise and I are in the early stages of flirtation - we're spending time getting to know each other and I'm liking the benefits that comes with hanging out with him - today I walked 6 miles - I was listening to Vampire Weekend and I just walked, really fast. For 6 miles. I now feel really incredible. No, really, I do. So I've decided to use an NLP technique called 'anchoring' - I hold together my first finger and thump and anchor the feel-good vibes I'm currently experiencing, to remind me of this kick-ass feeling o' good stuff tomorrow, when I do not want to get out from under the duvet and go to the gym. Right now however, I'm just about to let the beau give my feet a much needed massage.

★ Eat, Pray, Love I know it got mixed reviews, but I love this film. I love the soundtrack, I love how it's shot, I love the locations and most of all, I genuinely love the story. At times, I want to give Liz a gentle prod for her slightly self-indulgent 'tude, but mostly, I love how it makes me feel.