Strawberry Sunday

Yep, it's that time again...time to celebrate all the awesome moments in your week you want to give a whole lot o' gratitude for! This week's juice-filled strawberries in the world o' me are...


Baking - The ongoing pleasure I get from cooking and baking, seriously I LOVE it. I did have a rather embarrassing moment in Sainsbury's on Friday when I had to ring Miss Cheryl to ask her what cream cheese you use to make cupcake frosting. What can I say? I thought there might be some kind o' special cake cheese. Or something. Anyway, I decided against cupcakes and went for cookies instead, once again cookies are uncharted Lisa territory, yet the end result? Not at all shabby if I do say so myself!

Friends - I know hardly a week goes by without me shouting about how awesome my friends are but that's because well...they are. This week big shouts must go to Miss Cheryl for not laughing too hard at my baking faux pas, Sarah Clark at Relentlessly Positive who was at the end of my phone for my BIG freak out yesterday - thank you so much, darlin'! Miss Pricilla for helping me to do the techno stuff that scares me, Miss Lindsey who although all the way over there in NY is still able to completely get me. Hurrah.

image1xl Dainty Doll make-up - I am crazy pale. I shouldn't be. Both the 'rents have that olive thing going on. Me? Not so much. Probably adopted. Would explain lots. Anyway...My fave member o' Girl's Aloud, Nicola Roberts has this AMAZING range o' make up specifically for the crazy pale and I am a li'l bit in love with this fabulous Loose Mineral Powder Foundation, it's really natural, has a built-in soft brush applicator, and gives you a flawless look, without looking like you've been tango-ed, which, in my world is deffo a good thing. you can get yours at:


Making and trialing Sassy Scents - Without going into too many deetz, the beau and I have spent this afternoon trialling out a new bespoke massage oil I've made, it would be rude to expect you to buy the prods if they'd not been trialled first, non? Deelish smelling oil+beau+me+rainy day outside = a scent-sational Sunday afternoon. Prod deets to follow in the forthcoming weeks... Making a declaration o' myself - what better time than v-day weekend to shower the person I love most in the world with the love stuff...ME. Yep, I love the beau with all my big beat-y heart, but I can't love him to the best o' my ability unless I dig on myself, which is why my declaration o' love includes: joining the gym. Yes, really. I'm going tomorrow morning. Well, I'm going to sign up tomorrow, I'm not actually going to exercise, not going to exercise 'til I have a nice ensemble - pink and black, obv. As a writer girl I sit on my bee-hind A LOT. So, I need to start being a whole lot nicer to my body and a pilates session here and there is just NOT going to cut it any more, I'm also going to start filling it with deelish and nutritious yumz although gym time will mean I can still bake sweet treats totes guilt-free - huzzah!