Strawberry Sunday

After dragging my feet through the entirety of January, seriously, I'm a happy-go-lucky kinda gal, but January really is ridunkulous, isn't it? It's a bloody bugger o' a month. I think next year, I'll manifest a month-long holiday/writer-girl retreat/duvet hibernation 'til it's ickyness is completely over. Still, the good news is that, February has arrived and already it's filled with allsorts o' gorgeous goodness - I don't know whether it's the new beginnings o' Imbolc, that new moon ju-ju or just spending time with the beau and friends in my favourite town in the whole wide world, but I deffo have my mojo back - hurrah for that!

★ Glastonbury - I can't stress my love for this beautiful li'l town enough. It's filled with gorgeous, creative, magickal and inspiring people who never fail to fill up my spiritual well...

★ My half sleeve - yay, it's finally finished. You can't see it in all it's glory here - who knew it was so hard to take a picture of your own arm? - but it's bloody pretty. The awesome talent that is Glyn @ Twilightzone tattoo has been working on this bad boy for a year now and I freakin' LOVE it.

★ Sarra Manning - you may have heard me rave about Sarra before, that's because she's my idol-girl. She gave me my first work as a freelance journ-o-girl on my very favourite magazine, Just Seventeen. She now writes books. Awesome books. And in this interview for The Irish Times she rocks my world.

★ Collectif - 40's and 50's inspired dresses of wonder. I'd like them all, really. But I'd especially like this one. Sigh. This is dress-porn for my eyes.

Other things I've loved this week... The beau and I getting excited about our top secret li'l project ★ Blue skies ★ Sharing the excitement of C&J's handfasting plans ★ My manifestation course ★ comfy silences with people you love ★ Jack and Jamie at The Occult Consultancy in Glastonbury ★ The Wonders of the Solar System on DVD - stars, planets and the hot prof. Cox. Happy times.

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