Strawberry Sunday!

Yep, it's that time again...bring on the strawberries. Those juicy, juicy life moments that make you super-grateful and full o' gratitude-y love stuff! c6d46e3fe969b453e82b1b0258e4

my kindle What can I say? I am a bad book-o-phile. I am now the proud owner o' a kindle. And well...I'm a little bit in love. Actually, scrap that, I am in all kinds o' big crazy love with it. It was an early birthday present from my parental - thanks mumma - and it's literally changed my life. (And stopped one shoulder from hanging substantially lower than the other due to my obsess-o need to always have at least five different books in my bag at ALL times) It's been a week and I am still totally blown away that right now, in my cute mini-satchel, I have over 350 books. Don't worry, I still have huge love for real books, NOTHING will ever beat the feel or smell of a real book in my hands, but for a travel-girl like me, a kindle is most deffo a thing o' beauty. FYI: I'm currently reading The Andy Warhol Diaries and JZ's autobiography, decoded - both are acecakes.

My fam I spent Friday night at a party for my Auntie Beryl. She's been diagnosed with motor neuron disease, and while I don't know exactly what it is, I know it's not good, yet she rocked out like the super inspirational lady that she is, and as a fam we celebrated, made beautiful memories together and also raised lots o' money to buy her the medical equipment she's going to need pretty soon. In the past, I've totally taken my family for granted, right now, today though, I am so full o' gratitude that they're mine...


My pregnacious bestie I am beside myself with excitement as my beautiful bestie, Miss Aimz is glowing with all things pregnacious and pretty soon we will have a mini Mister or Miss to hang with. No one knows how life is going to pan out, not even me and my Diva o' Destiny super-powers, this time last year I was prepping to lose her to the sunny climes o' Australia and this year, we're prepping for the birth of her beautiful bambino. I am so crazy proud o' her and means I get to have a gorgeous bouncy bubba in my world without having to go through the whole pregnacious 9 months business - win win!

316486_277213605645647_100000710306808_930334_253316233_n Inspir-o people I am loving the whole connection thing that's going on for me right now, I meet a person through chance circumstance, who introduces me to another, who then goes on to inspire or motivate me in a certain way, it's the most beautiful game o' connect the dots and I love it! I also got to spend time with the beautiful Lyndsey Inspired, (with a name like that, she's deffo someone you want to know, right?) And we walked and talked, and walked and talked some more in a beautiful locale in the middle of the New Forrest and then went on a green tea crawl, ending the day with a sparkling water, I know, get us, positively angelic! After spending the day with her, I felt awesome. As in 'I can do anything' awesome. It's encouraged me to be that 'make you feel awesome' person to others, it's like a be awesome game of pay it forward.


Birthday Roadtrips The beau and I have birthdays two weeks apart so have decided to pretty much stretch our celebrations across the entire two weeks, because let's face it, you can never have too many celebrations, right? This week we've had picnics on the beach and cinema trips - Three Muskeeters, LOVED it - next week we're gathering up the beau's fam and going to see my most favourite musical EVER, Wicked, celebrating Samhain with our beautiful besties in Glastonbury and then heading down the West Coast for a magickal mystery roadtrip - culminating with the beau and I eating salmon out the packet, with a glass o' pink fizz, on a windy west coast beach on my birthday morning - what could be better than that, huh?!


Laqa & co. nail polish pen Superfluous? yes. Does it make me happy? Abso-freakin'-lutely! After seeing the gorgeous Miss Aimz last week, she gave me my b-day present early and along with a bag o' jelly beans - yummo - was this stick o' loveliness. A nail polish pen. It's great for those o' you, who like me, have trubz painting your own nails, these pens let you neatly do your nails anywhere without being messy. It contains no formaldehyde, toluene, or DHP either and the packaging features unique artwork by young artists from around the world. I am a little bit in love with their philosophy and stylin' too. Laqa & co is deffo a brand-new fave in my world o' sass. Fact.

What are you grateful for this week? What are your strawberries?