Strawberry Sunday

Woohhooo it's Sunday, which means only one thing...Strawberries! Finding those juicy, juicy moments in the past 7 days that make me grateful, super happy and filled-to-the-brim with sunshine and smiles! alex_wk1

Strictly fabulous - Having now been to one or two dance lessons, I consider myself somewhat of an expert, so now that Strictly Come Dancing is back on our screens, I am shouting at the screen asking for cleaner lines and better posture. I freakin' love this show so much. My plan for dance floor domination has started, first I have to get z-list famous, apparently being an author-girl doesn't quite cut it, then I have to persuade the beau to let me spend 3 months training with James Jordon so he can whip me around the dance floor in a Rodgers and Astaire kinda style in a ridiculously pretty and sparkly dress. Sigh.


Online goodness - I discovered the joy of Facebook skype and delivered my first tarot reading via live internet land. As it was for my bestie, I took the opportunity to dress up in all my gypsy girl finery too - LOVE a reason to dress up - you've got to love technology, haven't you?! If you would like an hour long gypsy reading - a 15 card spread that gives you insight and perspective into a current question you have or situ that you're experiencing (I'll even wear my ensemble for you too!) via skype then mail me at: and we'll make a date with destiny!

Awesome teachers - you can NEVER underestimate the importance of a good teacher, and I'm so lucky that in my life I've always attracted the most awesome teachers at the right time. At school, I had 2 life-changing teachers who changed up my entire way of thinking about myself, I've now got amazing spiritual teachers, mentors in all things work and success and now, here in my new 'hood, I've discovered my love for all things dance because o' two awesome teachers:


Akasha - queen o' all things ATS belly dance - fierce and fabulous and SO freakin' talented and...


Midnight Iris - also a belly dance princess, Iris is all about the art o' tease and has done more to make me feel like princess o' my body domain in 4 weeks than any book I've read or course I've ever attended. FACT. She is totes amazeballz.

If there's anything you want to do, or explore in the world, put a call in to the Universe and ask to be sent the right teachers for the job. Akasha was sent to me through a FB group announcing a taster class, and then through Akasha, I met one of her students, Midnight Iris who was a burlesque dancer and teacher - love, love, love synchronicity.

307899_221285707934710_100001598485272_659751_1564372013_n Work - most of us are brought up to believe that work is something we do from 9 to 5, monday to friday, and doesn't necessarily have to be something we enjoy doing. Well, screw that. This week saw the untimely death of the awesome visionary Steve Jobs. The dude was awe-inspiring. In fact, it was one of the many jaw-droppingly inspir-o speeches he gave that kicked my ass and made me leave the only 9-5 job I've ever had. My colleague, Mark Wright (NOT the dude off TOWIE, this Mark is actually intelligent, witty and lovely) sent me a link to his speech, I read it, copied it word-for-word into my journal, read it again, then handed in my notice the next day.

Now, being freelance is not a walk in the park, and there have definitely been fear-filled, heart pumping 'fuck, how am I going to pay the bills this month?' moments, but NOTHING beats dancing to the beat of your own drum. I have a portfolio career which means I wear several different work-girl persona's; author, writer, agony aunt, workshop facilitator, consultant, tarot reader, life coach which means 1 day I can be delivering a workshop to teen girls, the next I can be writing a magazine feature about goddesses, while the next I can be coaching a client or consulting with suited types in the Londonium or New York - my work is so varied, yet everything I do has to fit within the following basic criteria: I have fun doing it and most importantly, it helps others. Simple. Steve Jobs, I salute you.


Pugs - I REALLY want one. Not sure that I've mentioned it before.

Mae West - I have been watching Mae West movies obsessively this week. If you're ever in need of an injection o' sass, SHE is yo' woman. Oh, and me too, obv. I've learned from the best, come up and see me sometime!