Strawberry Sunday

Ohhhh, this is my most favourite part o' the week - showing gratitude for my juicy, juicy strawberries, those moments o' loveliness that make my life sweeter...

Club Cairo - so, my sisters o' sway, the gorgeous goddess-girls that I belly dance with, went to Club Cairo in Bournemouth this weekend to see the most AH-mazing talented ladies entertain us in the way o' belly dance... Wowzers! Highlight o' the night for me was Bex Priest, who mixed it all up with this horror-psychobilly belly dance - totes mesmorising!

I know I sound like a broken record, but I LOVE all things belly dance so to watch the pro-girls, and know that if I put in the time, and effort, I might begin to get that good, makes me super determined to practice my belly rolls and hip lifts every day - hello core muscles, who knew you were hiding under there?!

Body revolution - I'm working on a new project for girls between 12 and 25, it's all a bit secret and hush-hush right now, but you need to know I'm STUPIDLY excited about it and can't wait to share it with the world! Last week, I put a call out on my teen site for girls to make a video about what self-esteem means to them, and ohmystars, I have had some AMAZING videos - they've literally made me make eye water with their heart-spoken truths, humour, self-assuredness and general freakin' awesomeness - stay tuned for how you can be a part of this body revolution too - bring on the love stuff, right?!!

Book I loved: Faery tale by Signe Pike Lost after the death of her father, Signe Pike begins to ponder the many mysteries of life, wondering whether true mysticism exists. By her own admission, she is not a believer of the God dude but she deffo has a yearning, a need, to feel connected to something, and that something comes in the form of faeries. Now, the only problem with this, is that the author says she doesn't believe in faeries - awkward, right?!! - although, like me, she does have a readiness to believe and I love that we get to go on that journey with her..

There is a real truth to the writer's thoughts and realisations, and it's hard not to feel moved at times. In terms of actually finding faeries, you can see how much believing in the presence of them actually enriches Signe's life and puts her onto a path of self-discovery, and the faery folklore and subjective accounts from people she encounters, make for an interesting, whimsical read.

This is very much a search for magic and a connection with nature and some might say nothing to do with actual faery folk: the faeries seem to be a vehicle to get Signe from one place to another - to help her to cope with her father's death and fill a hole she's been feeling in her life. We all need something to believe in, right?!

£5.99, Store o' Sass

my new Skullcandy headphones - I don't like to be a total consumerist, but I did do a little happy dance when my new headphones arrived. Listening to Beyonce on these bad boys, makes life better. I know it shouldn't, but it absolutely does. And they're pink and black, I mean look at them, gorgeous, non?! Finishing work - for the last 6 weeks I've been working on a government pilot scheme for working with 16 year olds - it's been interesting, insightful, really freakin' challenging and fun. I'm not going to lie, I'm really pleased it's over, it was HARD work, but I've learned so much - about myself, about young people and most importantly, how current youth provision in this country needs a SERIOUS re-think. David Cameron, big Dave, you have a LOT o' work to do.

Burlesque - the movie was a HUGE let-down but the act o' burlesque is always something that I've been obsesso about, glitter, glamour and a li'l bit o' ohh la la - what's not to love, exactly?! Immodesty Blaize is one of my absolute all-time inspir-o-girls - there's an AMAZING interview with her in my new book, she's smart, funny, sensual and kick-ass - my favourite qualities in a woman, so I'm all kinds o' excited to be starting burlesque class this evening. Yep, I shall be learning the art o' tease with a very awesome instructoress. To say the beau is happy about my new extra curricular activity is an understatement. Will report back later in the week...

Other strawberry moments include: Messages from gorgeous girl-friends telling me how inspir-o I nice is that? It filled my heart with the most beautiful happy-stuff to have someone who I totally connected with after our first meeting write me such a lovely message...

The beau. Always. In a gazillion different ways.

Eating stupidly expensive smoked salmon from the packet - so wrong, but so, so good.

Spending obscene amounts of time planning and sketching gorgeous belly dance ensembles.

Creating the first three cards in my SASSY tarot pack - if I do say so myself, they're looking bee-you-tiful!

So, now over to you - what are you grateful for right now?! What are your juicy strawberries? Care to share?!