I don't usually take bank holiday weekends off, what with being a freelance girl and all, but I have just had 4 days of day-off goodness and it's been positively fabulous...I've read, I've been out in the sunshine, I've kissed the beau and I've read some more - sigh.

The Royal wedding...Now, I'm not a royalist, but I am a wedding-ist, 'cept I didn't even know it. I found myself watching the wedding coverage on Friday for over 5 hours and I loved every moment. Checked out ensembles, had a moment at His Royal Hotnesses, Will and Harry and I even made eye-water as Kate walked down the aisle. Turns out I'm quite the sucker for a happy ending, especially when you can see the love stuff they both share. Sigh.

This quote - "...Do you want me to tell you something really subversive? Love is everything it's cracked up to be. That's why people are so cynical about it. It really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for. And the trouble is, if you don't risk anything, you risk even more..." - Erica Jong

Beltane celebrations - after a fabulous Beltane spent in Glasto last year, this year I was at an ancient farm in the middle of the Hampshire countryside for the bel fire. Beltane is a joy- filled festival in honour of the solar deity, Bel. It celebrates fertility, fun, frolics and heralds the arrival of summer - hurrah. I made a head-dress out of proper nature stuff. Seriously, I'm like an Earth Mother. Or something.

and I had my face painted, drank cider, ate a hog roast before watching the bel-fire - yummo!

More to Life Than Shoes - Now, I'm not sure I fully believed the title - I mean, really? I LOVE shoes, but I read this jam-packed book o' inspir-o-goodness in one sitting - loved it!


If you dream of changing your life, but aren’t sure how, or you want a more rewarding job, your own business or a chance to make a difference - this book is the butt-kick you need. More To Life Than Shoes shows you how to ditch the doubts, find your spark and make that shift. It's packed with inspir-o stories from the women who’ve done it: the student who landed herself a job as a rock photographer, the housewife who started a global charity, the accountant who turned her back on finance to become a wing-walker, the mum who got the idea for a multi-million pound invention from a carpet stain, the novelist who used a split-personality to create a bestseller, and loads more. It's literally impossible not to be inspired by this book - buy it at my shop o' Sass now!

Belly dancing - at the festivities on Saturday, there were belly dancers, now I love dancing and I most deffo have a belly and seeing those girls work their gorgeous magick, I made a decision there and then to find a belly dancing class near me, true to my word, I have! It's Egyptian belly dancing and I am so excited to get started - sensual, a great way to keep fit and ohmystars, have you seen the costumes? Amaze!

Dreaming BIG - all this time out has meant that I've been able to fill up my creative well in ways that aren't word-y, turns out the muse freakin' LOVES it when I change it up a little and has filled my head with a gazillion AMAZING ideas which ties in rather lovely with the arrival of my gorgeous friend Leonie's new Business Goddess Course - I read it in bed this morning and I now have everything I need to action the ideas - I love it when the goodness positively flows and I literally trip over all the awesome synchronicity moments - May is going to be AMAZECAKES. Fact.