Spiritual business

I am a truly spiritual person. I'm also a business woman who wants to practice business spiritually, because when I do, I'm able to speak my truth and my truth...well, that's all I've got.

Except, combining spirituality and business is seen as something a li'l bit dirty. For example, people have often asked me why I charge for my tarot reading because surely, being able to read tarot is a gift, right? And a gift is to be shared? Now, I don't wholeheartedly disagree with this, and if I had a bulging bank balance and no bills to pay, I absolutely would, but I don't, and I do, and to read tarot is a responsibility and takes time and skill. A school teacher gets paid to impart their wisdom about maths and science to children, so in the same way, when I share my spiritual knowledge, there absolutely needs to be at least an exchange of energy, in whatever form that energy takes. Some have given me books - I HEART books, cupcakes - I deffo HEART cupcakes, or actual money. Yep, that's right, actual money.

Y'see money isn't a dirty word. (Something that I'm still coming to terms with.) The Barefoot Doctor - yep, my number 1 spiritual crush - in his book Manifesto, managed to change up my understanding and belief about money in one simple paragraph...

"Money's not dirty - it's the greed, fear, envy, hatred and violence it provokes that's dirty. Money is a symbol of energy, hence why it's called currency, because it flows through society just like energy does, and as energy is essentially divine, so is money."

And he's absolutely right. Why shouldn't we be able to work in a soulful, creative spiritual way AND make money? When people ask me my job title, I tell them Creatrix o' Awesome, because, well, that's what I do - I write, I read tarot, I coach, I edit, I facilitate workshops - why should I get a boring snoring job so that I can practice my spirituality with a so-called clear conscience?

In a beautiful moment of universal synchronicity, I woke up thinking about this very thing last night, only to find my gorgeous gal-pal, Goddess Leonie, is doing a Business Goddess 101 over at her blog right now, it's incredz. If ever there was an example of someone living their truth, earning money to sustain her family AND helping and inspiring others at the same time, that girl is it. I'd woken up because sometimes that pesky you're-not-good-enough gremlin creeps into your head at night and says 'er, Lisa...who do you think you are exactly?' but do you know what? I've poured nothing but love, passion and enthusiasm into the services that I offer and I am unapologetic for wanting my Sassy business to make money, because the more money I make, the more fabulous things I can do, on a much bigger scale, to fulfill my life purpose, which is to encourage and inspire girls and women to discover the magick within them so that ultimately, they can become mistress of their own destiny.

So many people go through life not even knowing what their true purpose is, which is why, because I do, I am having the absolute audacity to ask to be paid for it. I'd love it if we all bartered for goods and services with books and cake I really would, but right now money is our symbolic measure to help people to trade with each other, so imagine if we all had the ability to pay bills using money earned through honest and pure-of-heart actions and intention, how truly incredible would that be? When we nurtured our family with food bought with that money, bought office supplies on which we shared messages of encouragement, we would send nothing but love and juicy goodness back into the system and create an energy flow that was as deliciously sweet as sugar...

So, just so you know, that is what I intend to do - make pure-of-heart money with absolutely no apologies - who's with me?