Spill your truth juice, baby!


I never got Dr Suess as a kid, but now, if I had to choose a life-coach, that dude would most definitely be it.

When I was writing my book SASSY, I was doing some serious heart spillage. For the first time, I wasn't writing to someone else's brief, I was simply writing straight from the heart in my YOU-nique-to-me stylin' and do you know what? It felt so freakin' good.  Except, one morning, at 4am, I woke up screaming, 'shit, I can't write about orgasms and pleasuring yourself, what will people say?'  Who were these people exactly and why did I care what they would say? It seemed I cared so much that didn't write another word for a week. I had to have a serious word with myself. I'd stopped telling MY truth, on the basis that 'people' - whoever those 'people' are - were going to judge me, or label me or make assumptions about me. I was basically handing over the pen and allowing those people to write my story for me.

[quote style="boxed" float="none"]You've got to spill your truth juice, baby![/quote]

Y'see, whether you're writing a book, building a brand, or wanting to score a hot date with a smooch partner, you have to be the author of your story, your heart has to do the storytelling and most importantly, you've got to spill your truth juice, baby.

Now, as I’ve flown my very own Lisa flag – spoke out, tried new things in life, book writing and in business, stepped up, stayed under the duvet on days when I should be doing something else, changed my mind, wore interesting ensembles – it’s created everything from worry and concern to envy, annoyance and ridicule.

For some, doing you and spilling your truth juice will be super-inspiring, they’ll get the biggest buzz from the positive vibin’ you’ll put out from doing your thing, and doing it your way – whether it’s in work, your attitude, the outfits you wear, the way you speak, the way you live life. These people? They're you're tribe. Surround yourself with them, work with them, marry them, kiss their faces and tell them how awesome they are as much as possible. They will make life sweeter. Fact.

For others though, it will force them to take a look at their own situ’s, which can sometimes be uncomfy, it can make them envious of what you’ve got and what you’re manifesting in the world, or for some, you’ll be so far removed from anything they now understand, that they’ll result to ridicule and judge-y behaviour.

Thing is, what other people think of you and your actions is none of your business. Doing you will piss some people off.  It will also absolutely, totally inspire the ass off people too. I’m not saying it’s easy. Telling your story, YOUR way, in life and in book form, will always provoke reactions in others. It also means you’ll mess up and you’ll make mistakes too – I know I do, ALL the time -  but when you’re doing you, both in life, business or book writing, you’re 100% real and taking full responsibility for the awesomeness that is YOU – High bloody fives to that!


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SASSY: The Go-for-it Girl's to Becoming Mistress of Your Destiny is available now. Buy it, you will become a superhero. Lycra ensemble is optional.

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