So, what is it you DO, exactly?

I've been asked 'what do you do?' a gazillion times. I've read books on how to tell people what I do in 30 seconds, I've even put it into practice a few times, but one thing I do know, is that my 'elevator pitch' or any other wanky business terminology you wish to use in order to sum up what any of us do, is really whack. And do you know what? I'm glad. Because when people use a tried and tested 'pitch' on me, I instantly sense the distinct lack o' eau du you. I want truths, I want to know what's real for you. When people ask me 'what do you do?' I reply, 'I do me'. Which is either met with a polite cough and awkward side-step while the person desperately tries to find someone a li'l more 'norm-o' to talk to in the room or a 'no, really, what is it you ACTUALLY do?'

So I then go on to list the following: I'm a creatrix o' awesome, I'm a writing coach, I'm an author, a blogger, a publisher, I'm an advocate of positive body-image and self-esteem, I'm a wife, I sprinkle glitter and sunshine, I drop truth bombs, I'm a 1950's rockabilly princess, I love hard with my big beautiful heart, I'm a yogi, I'm YOU-nique, I work my quirks, I am passionate about cheerleading girlkind to do life on their terms, to write, know and own THEIR story, live remarkable, kick-ass lives and make awesome shit happen for themselves, their community and for mumma earth.

Except, it doesn't exactly roll-off-the-tongue, does it? And really I'm all of these things and none of these things, too.

Then, in an interview I was doing for the release of SASSY, I was asked 'what do you want your book to do?' SHIT. What DID I want this book to do? I wanted it to give gutsy, go-for-it girls permission to do life, full out, in their own way. I desperately wanted to nail what I wanted this book to do in one delicious sound bite, a phrase that would make the interviewer go, 'wow, that's so freakin' cool' but there's only so long you can pretend to be contemplative, without the interviewer thinking you're just another woo-woo nut job tapping into your higher self/divine self/heart for an answer, which, I kinda am, and I kinda did.

Turns out that when I just sat with myself for a minute, got quiet, got still and listened to my big beat-y, beautiful heart, what I do, and what the book is going to do in the world, is one o' the same. Which makes a whole lot o' sense, what with anything I write/create/do being a product o' my truth and awesomeness and all.

So, you want to know what it is, right? What is it any of us heart-led, go-for-it girls REALLY do? If we strip back all the bullshit and fancy-schmancy labels? We're not our job, our relationship with others, our interests or our passions, all any of us should REALLY be concerned with is knowing and owning our truth, deep down in our heart, and using it to create a YOU-shaped heart print on the universe through our words, thoughts and actions.

It's simple. We see life, feel life, experience life, taste life, then process it in our big heart, the place of truth, knowing and magickal juju, and use it as a lens through which to shine our YOU-nique-to-us truth and awesomeness. Voila, you're creating a heart print. It's kinda like a Care Bear stare, but a li'l less 80s, and far, far more beautiful.

Whatever you DO, whether it's writing your book, creating an online-programme, doing your job, getting SASSY, loving your family, doing the gardening, paying bills, writing a blog post - know that you're literally made of awesome and the world NEEDS your heart print, 'k?

I don't want to know what you do or who you are, I don't care for the labels that you, or society have given yourself, I want to know what makes your heart sing, why  you dig doing the things you do - spill your truth juice, baby!