Six o' Disks: The six-step guide to success

Happy festivities, Sassy ones! I think I have celebrated every single mid-winter festival this year and it has been truly awesome - feasting, rituals, family and friends - truly the most perfect-o way to spend the darkest time o' the year and celebrate the return o' the light - hurrah! Christmas Day, the 25th, as well as being a day where I ate an obscene amount o' mince pies was also the start of a new moon phase, and each new moon, I pull a tarot card to guide me through the cycle, this moon cycle? The Six o' Disks.

I have a gazillion new ideas that will be put into action in 2012, and this is the perfect-o card to support my success. I work with the Thoth tarot and as you can see from the picture, each disk has a planet on it, now if you've got BIG plans o' action for 2012, you can use these planets and the lessons that they teach us as a six step formula to success in any area o' your life...

1. SATURN: Saturn shows us that success can be achieved through discipline and step-by-step procedures - just like this one!

2. JUPITER: encourages us to be open and flexible to options and opportunities - don't set anything in stone, keep your options open and always be aware of opportunities that have your name on them!

3. VENUS: Venus reminds us that success is sustainable as a result of following what has heart and actual meaning in your life - what makes your heart sing? Whatever it is, be sure to follow it's beautiful tune...

4. MOON: reflects back to us that success is attainable if we remain authentic and speak our truth - this is a biggie!

5. MERCURY: the planet o' communication reminds us that success is truly obtainable if we align the context and timing of ALL our communication - for starters, think about what you say, when you say it and how you say it - it'll make a HUGE difference!

6. MARS: reminds us that if we put a constant and consistent flow o' positive energy into personal and professional issues rather than sporadic over-the-top dramatical energy into random situ's - success, sweet thing, will be yours!

Authentic, SpiritualLisa