Show up. Be awesome. That's all.

I spend FAR too much time on Facebook. I don't plan on doing anything about it, I love it, I get to hang out with all my favourite people around the world while wearing my PJs - what's not to love? But on New Year's Eve, I was reading everyone's status updates about their new year's resolutions, their words and themes for the year and I found myself having a momentary 'shit, I've not done any new year planning AT ALL. I don't have a freakin' word for my year and I've not got one single soddin' actionable goal.'

This is something I'm usually ALL OVER. I'd have bought a planner, I'd have written at least 50 things I want to achieve in the coming year, created a reading list of books I NEEDED to read in order to be a better person/do more things - what can I say? I'm a self-help book junkie - but this year? Nothing. Nada.

Y'see I got married. Did I mention it?

BRIEF WEDDING INTERLUDE: It was the most beautiful day o' my life. The muff and shawl didn't arrive - boo to you, Cute and Curvy Brides -  but the hot viking was a complete hero, went to Fabricland and within hours had whipped me up a gorgeous combo that would of turned Snow White herself envy-green. After relentless rain the entire week leading up to the 21st, the sun shone and my hot viking beau stood at a beautifully decorated altar (thanks, mumma Lister)  waiting for me to marry him. My bestie Brett walked me down the aisle, after catching me moments before when I fell up the stairs - totes mortified - the room was filled with 12 of our favourite people and when I saw that dude o' hotness, I made eye-water. My bestie Susie read I Carry Your Heart by e.e Cummings, I cried. My brand new sister Rosie sang Your Song - Moulin Rouge style and I made even more eye water. It turned out my 'cherries in the snow' lipstick was not kiss-proof, that made me laugh. I wore AMAZING shoes, drank too much pink fizz, and spent the evening with my new family playing what's that tune karaoke in a swanky hotel.

Wanna see pix? Okay, if you insist.





Okay, so I'm being a wedding bore, where was I? Ahhh yes, that was it, New Year's eve, having a mini-meltdown because I'd spent the previous week in a state of total bliss-kissed deliciousness, kissing my husband, making art - worked on the SASSY oracle cards for a few days, loving what came up when I put pen to paper -  hanging with friends and fam and hadn't had time to plan, or set goals for 2013.

I had a sweat on, everyone was talking about all the fabulous things they planned to do in the new year, yet all I knew was that I wanted to feel as kissed by bliss as I had the week after I got married. When I was literally doing what I loved. Pun totally intended.

So I simply said 'fuck it.' Yep, I've got a potty mouth, and no, that won't be changing anytime soon either.

I am going off plan. Actually, can you go off plan if there is no plan? Whatevz. I've got one intention: show up and be awesome.
So, not that you need it, but if, like me, you were feeling the pressure to plan adventures/go on a diet/create an endless stream of new products or services/get better/be better/do more/be more, consider this blog post a permission slip to not have your shit all figured out. It's really okay not to have a plan, or a word or a theme. It's completely cool and awesome if you do, but it's also not obligatory to living a fierce-ass life.
In fact, all you really need for fierce-ass living is to know how you want to feel.
I want to feel creative, in-flow, bliss-kissed, a sacred connection, completely untamed, and I want to feel that as often as possible, so I'm going to show up, be awesome and make that happen. 
The only work we've really got to do is show up,  intend to give this year all we've got, and the most important bit, take action by being the awesomeness that is you.

Ahhhh, how does that feel? Less pressure = more awesomeness. More awesomeness = epic magick shit x 10000000.

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