She Flow Yoga for endometriosis pain


I write about my experience with endometriosis in my book, Code Red and for the last year or two, thanks to a good diet, it's felt like its in remission, but the last few months I've been experiencing #endobloats (your tummy looks 8 months pregnant) and this morning I've woke up with crazy pain which can flare up for no reason. If you suffer from endo pain, this up-the-wall sequence can help with pain management - if you need me today, this is where I'll be.

unnamed-14 1. Keep you bum close to or against the wall, support your lower back with a bolster/ cushions + lie your shoulders + head on the floor. Extend your legs and place your hands above your head, elbows bent + palms up. Stay here for 3 minutes.

unnamed-15 2. Keeping your upper body in the same position allow your legs to open out to the sides, remain here for 3 to 5 minutes.

unnamed-16 3. Again, keep your upper body in the same position, bend your knees and bring your feet together, stay here for 3 to 5 minutes.

To get out of pose, rest the soles of feet against the wall, push gently away from the bolster + roll to one side, then use your arms to bring you to seated position.

While this is great for endo pain, it's also a super-restorative pose for anyone in need of nourishment during their menstrual cycle, it massages the reproductive organs + calms nervous system - it's gooooood.

FYI: if you're menstruating you can still do this, but just do it without the bolster.

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