SHE READING: womb wisdom + lady magic


Unedited insight + wisdom direct from SHE, through me, for the week ahead. Samhain, day of the dead, All Souls' Day have all meant that the week has started with a thin veil between this world + that of our ancestors, so it doesn't surprise me at all that the SASSY SHE Oracle Cards offer us SHAMANA as our guide-ess.

The SHAMANA is a magic-maker. She invites you to always trust your magic and your ability to make exactly the right medicine for what you're currently experiencing. How? This is true for any situation that needs SHE medicine - you need to root to rise. You need to connect fully with your root, your womb, and you can do this by breathing into her, by walking in mumma nature, by pleasuring her, by talking to her, anything that reconnects + roots you directly to your power portal, to your womb wisdom. This will activate your SHE Power, your true feminine essence, your ability to alchemise and heal (first yourself and then others) which means you'll be able to rise from a place of strength + fierce feminine awesomeness - this will make you so much less likely to wobble, others won't be able to knock you with their words or beliefs and you'll be able to create + manifest magic. Lady magic. The very best kind.

To help you on your SHE Quest this week: SEA SHELL - not only can it be used to hear the sea and let's face it, the sea is ALWAYS the best medicine, by being in contact with seashells you open + activate your sensitivity + intuition. SANDALWOOD - enhances your communication + connection with spirit ROSE QUARTZ - acts as a healing balm of love when you need it the most

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