SHE READING: Rhythm, roots + reverance


Unedited insight direct from SHE through me for the week ahead. How are you feeling this Moonday?! If you're feeling contemplative + reflective, I hear you. I've been up since 6.30 asking the hot Viking to enter into deep + meaningfuls about money, love and feminism - I know, right?!! - we can totally blame the moon as it enters into the dark waning phase of this cycle. As the new moon approaches this Wednesday, the SASSY SHE Oracle Cards‬ has given us RHYTHM as our guide.

There's a movement, a shift happening at the moment and it's uncomfortable. We're residing within a masculine construct and yet the feminine is awakening in many of us and in order not to be shaken, or feel uneasy about it all, we have to reconnect with the roots of who we were before we forgot. There's a quickening that means what took the generations before us years to learn, can now be learned in weeks or months thanks to the Internet, but in doing so we're skipping the important part, the bit where we take root in OUR truth. When we do this, we rise strong in our SHE Power. (That's the 'I'm unfuckable with' stuff!) this happens when we stop looking outside of ourselves for the answers, grabbing for what we think belongs to us and instead let our own rhythm dictate our flow. Tune into your womb and your body wisdom for the clues you need to navigate you home to yourself every time the world, events, situations, people or thoughts shake you.

To guide you on your ‪SHE quest‬ this week: 🔻My new Pound Jewelry pendulum. This is ‪chrysocolla‬ a stone of feminine energies + communications - wear or hold this ‪crystal‬ to grow deep roots into ancient wisdom + tell your ‪SHE story‬ in the world now. 🔻‪Frankincense‬ - I think this is my fave ‪oil as it has so many medicinal purposes but is also great for connecting with the wisdom of ages. 🔻‪Tourmaline‬ this is the protection crystal and is perfect to hold when the world feels a lil shaky. To buy a set of the SASSY SHE Oracle Cards or to book a SHE reading or a SHE Stories: 2016 guide-ess - go to: