SHE READING: Power + Knowing


Insight + wisdom direct from SHE through me for the week ahead. This week sees a full moon on Wednesday, an opportunity to outwardly show up as who we really are and the SASSY SHE oracle cards are offering us KNOWING as our guide-ess for the week.

You are being asked to create + communicate on a much bigger scale, but comparison and feelings of not good enough are still very much making themselves known and for some, they be paralysing you. Just for a moment, put on your favourite song + dance. This will shake everything up + will allow you to be fully in your body. When you are IN your body, you can begin to trust that, as Glinda the Good Witch so rightly told us, 'you had the power all along, my dear' - you KNOW what feels good, you KNOW what you need. You don't need approval, you don't need a permission slip, (if you think you do, consider this post is it) trust in your KNOWING and use this Wednesday's full moon to know you can now leave behind any limiting outward expressions that no longer support who you are or where you're going, sweet thing.

To help you on your SHE Quest this week: Ruby red slippers - this gorgeous necklace from @tattydevine is one of my talisman for the next book - a reminder to trust that we had the power all along! Rutilite Quartz - this crystal is associated with manipura the solar plexus chakra and can be used to link the root and the crown chakra - perfect for trusting your power and your higher guidance Rhodochrosite - this crystal is a a great heart opener, use it to boost self-love, self-confidence and to cope with problems in a graceful way (which is perfect if you're a fiery rage-y scorpz like me!)

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