SHE READING: Peace, love + understanding


Unedited insight + wisdom direct from SHE through me + the ‪#‎sassysheoraclecards‬ for the week ahead.If your heart is heavy + feeling the weight of mumma earth's pain right now, know that you're not alone. The events over the weekend, the ongoing events in the world could make existing on this earth plane with a big, open heart tricky, but this week the SASSY SHE Oracle Cards are calling PEACE to be your guide-ess.

Never have we needed the compassion of goddess Quan Yin, She who sees + hears the cries of the world more. The world needs peace, love + understanding, if you can't offer that love + understanding widely, at least show it to yourself. Start where you are. Breath deeply, meditate - and I don't mean that as a throw-away comment, pray + meditate like your life depends on it because really, it does, and do what lights you up - laugh, dance, kiss, make out, write, draw, paint, travel. We need to fill the world with love, passion + compassion and remember, you don't have to do it alone. We can divide + conquer or unite + prosper, let's teach the younger generations how to deal with fear + greed, anger + hatred, by being the generation that leaves a lasting legacy of peace + understanding.

To help you on your ‪SHE quest‬ this week: Ruby - brings self-confidence and a sense of power something we all need when the fear fire starts to rage in our bellies. Deep breathing - right down into your womb space. Often. Calm your nervous system + feel your body with good prana/energy Pink mangalo ‪calcite‬ - this is a calming and healing stone that eases and heals the heart chakra offering hope for the best of things and we could all do with that right now, huh?

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