SHE Reading: Limitless


Insight + wisdom from SHE through me.

This week's SASSY SHE oracle pull is: NO LIMIT

SHE SAYS: The only thing between you + limitless freedom are the stories you tell yourself. Yep, this is all down to you, ladylove. Of course, society + patriarchy have put us in the shackles, but lady, you have the key. Unearth all the stories you’ve been told about who you should be, how you should be + what you should be. Examine those stories, strip them off one by one – this may get dirty + will definitely get messy - decide what still fits, what you want to keep and what you need to let go of. These stories have shoved down your female-ness. Strangled your voice. They’ve let you allow others to be in control of you, to know better than you. Enough. Enough. Enough. Take a breath + unlock those shackles. Yes, you will become undone. Yes, you will become raw + vulnerable as you shed skin after skin. Yes you will die, but the good news is you will be reborn. This is what a life of no limits is like. An unshackled, unbound, unravelling of you who is able to show up + bring it all. Who is able to be whole. Not perfect. Not together. But whole + complete. Limitless.

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