SHE READING: Eclipses, Full moon + Mercury Retrograde


Unedited insight direct from SHE through me. So because of all the awesome Astro-activity going on in the sky right now, I've done a full moon 3 card pull from the SASSY SHE oracle cards and we have REFLECT, DIVINE + RHYTHM

The Astro energy is high, and with mercury retrograde if you have some big-ass decisions that need to be made, particularly in your relationship, hold back. Especially if it's in your nature to go in, all guns blazing, you're being asked to reflect on the situation - before pointing a finger, what's your part in this? If you can hold off making the decision til later in the week, then definitely do that, and if you can't be sure to think the details through carefully and reflect on the WHOLE situ. Now is a great time to connect with source, divine, SHE and ask for direct guidance, know that what she may share may be fierce love, because of the nature of the energy we're currently experiencing, but don't ignore it just because it doesn't come in an angel-tied pretty bow, the fierce love and advice, the kind that means change or transformation, is where the magic happens, so trust in the nature of the season, the cycles of the moon and your own cyclic nature to be your guide-ess. Autumn/fall is a time when the seasons show us the beauty that can happen in letting go, and we have the opportunity to experience this as the moo turns from full to waning later in the week and also each pre-menstrual phase of our cycle. Trust yourself to know what needs to be fully released so that you can full receive.

Your SHE medicine for this full moon/blood moon/eclipse is: Mookaite - an aboriginal Mumma Earth stone that's great to increase self-confidence + self-worth when making tough decisions that impact you and your life. Sardonyx - this beauty is from my ever-growing Pound Jewelry collection - love you, girl! - and is an aid in protection + strength + attracts friends + good fortune. Strawberry quartz - use this crystal to ground as it'll draw chaotic + stray energies down into your root chakra.

I'd love you to share how this is showing up for you!

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