SHE READING: Darkness, Mary Oliver + all the feelz


Insight + wisdom direct from SHE through me for the week ahead. As we move into the waning moon energy, and tip from the masculine waxing + full to the feminine waning + dark, the SASSY SHE oracle Cards are offering us DARKNESS as our guide-ess for the week ahead.

Last week the KNOWING card showed you that you had the power all along, this week you are being called to trust that power as you let yourself be okay in the darkness. As badass Mary Oliver reminds us, the darkness is a gift. We're told to 'shine' and 'be the light' a LOT, but in the darkness? Well that's where the REAL work happens. If shiz is feeling unknown, if you're questioning your purpose, feeling alone, wondering when + if the light will ever return - breathe, and remind yourself of my most favourite Oasis mantra: be here now. Don't go searching for answers, don't try to figure it out, BE. HERE. NOW. FEEL what's demanding to be felt. That's what the darkness always asks if you, it asks you to FEEL what can't be seen + heard, and that can ONLY be done in the darkness. It's so easy to compare yourself to what others are doing - she's a better mumma, she IS a mumma, she's got her shiz together I haven't, she's doing this SO much better than me' - take a moment, centre, breathe into the darkness of the cosmic womb (and your own womb) + use the darkness to get okay with trusting in the power of now, to allow yourself to receive what you ACTUALLY need and not strive and search for what you THINK you need.

It definitely feels like the work for so many of us now, tag a friend who you love + think might need to share in this insight for the week ahead.

To guide you on your SHE Quest this week: 🔻Magpie magic - 'you may want to start collecting things of value to your heart + spirit rather than finding ways to keep up with the neighbours' - MAGPIE 🔻Tourmaline - if you find you're scared of the dark + unknown this crystal purifies + neutralises 🔻Laborite - this  will strengthen natural energies from within - rarrr! To buy a set of the SASSY SHE oracle cards or to book a 1-to-1 reading with me, click HERE