SHE READING: Cosmic downloads + trust your knowing


Insight + wisdom for the week ahead direct from SHE, through me. How are you feeling? No one will blame you if you're feeling like you should be under the duvet for at least three days, this isn't to do with time changes and autumn days, this weekend saw a cosmic energetic download of epic proportions and many of us are feeling the effects of it as grief, emotional exhaustion and overwhelming tears and tenderness.

The SASSY SHE Oracle Cards are showing us KNOWING and that's because, while you may be feeling like you have NO idea what's going on, if you take time this week to reconnect with yourself by resting + relaxing into the flow of SHE and trying, as much as possible, NOT to rush ahead and enter into the, integration will take place and this is where the SHE Medicine is made. The healing balm that's created when we listen and respond to signs + signals from SHE, when we create what moves through of us + not what we think we 'should' when we feel the feelz and don't try to ignore them and pretend they're not happening. Thank you for doing the work sister, because when you do, you're not just doing it for yourself, you're doing it for us all. You rule.

SHE medicine tools for the week ahead: Rose absolute oil - heart + emotional healing never felt so good as when accompanied by the scent of Magdalene herself. Red Quartz - this crystal will help to ground the energetic downloads you may have experienced at the weekend into the earthly understanding - place it under your pillow this week to help make sense of it all. Tigers Eye mala beads - tigers eye is the perfect crystal to help you make decisions with discernment and understanding, it will help clear any emotional fog and will give you courage, self-confidence to move through this and to trust your knowing. Call on goddess Durga in your daily spiritual practice this week - use the Malas to connect with her by chanting 'om dum Durga-ai namah'

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