SHE Reading: Breathing + unravelling


Unedited insight + feminine wisdom direct from SHE through me. So how are you feeling? Are you feeling whacked by the energy of this weekend's solar flares? Can you feel the sense of exciting new beginnings, yet you're feeling really overwhelmed by the challenge ahead? The SASSY SHE Oracle Cards are calling you to stop, breathe + OMM.

Om is a sacred sound, often the first and the last thing to be chanted in a yoga class, it's a vibration + is considered the most sacred mantra in Hinduism + Tibetan Buddhism.

You don't have to be a bendy Wendy yogi to feel the power of the Om. If you're not feeling up to what lies ahead and would prefer to hide under the duvet with Jaffa cakes, get still, take a deep breath + Om. Let it move through your body, let the uncertainty that you're currently feeling be there too. Be gentle, be kind to yourself. What's happening is that your inner world is transforming at rapid speed and your outer world is still trying to catch up, to allow this integration of balance, ease + clarity to happen, you need to create space in your life. Carve out time, even if it's only half an hour, to just bring your attention to your breath - in through your nose for four, hold for four, release through your mouth for four and hold at the end of breath for four. You ARE definitely up to the challenge, you were born for this next phase of unfolding - just be sure to rest enough before it truly begins with this Sunday's full moon.

Your SHE Medicine for the week ahead:

Fuchsite - known as the 'healers stone' this is the perfect crystal to help you to look out for your own needs + take responsibility for your own health, growth + well-being. Space - create space for quiet and piece in this quickening waxing moon energy, grow roots to avoid saying 'yes' too much + burning out. Red Jasper - this crystal will reconnect you with the Earth's grounding energies, it will illuminate the uncertainty and return you to source.

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