SHE READING: beauty, self-love + SHE power


Insight + wisdoms direct from SHE, through me for the week ahead. The moon is waxing, energy is building, we should be fully embracing all that's possible, yet you may be feeling a sense of 'I'm not good enough' and that 'everyone else is doing it better than me, so why should I bother?' Am I right? Our guide-ess from the SASSY SHE oracle cards is BEAUTY - let me tell you why...

First off, you need to know that it's all messed up. ALL OF IT. And it's been created that way so that ladykind, me + you, do not trust our body wisdom, our innate intuition, our own deepest knowing. We've forgotten how fucking powerful we are. We've been told beauty looks like what we're shown in magazines. An ideal conceptualised by dudes to make us buy lots of shit we don't need for problems that we don't have. This hasn't just effected how we view ourselves when we look in the mirror but how we trust ourselves, how we honour ourselves and how we love ourselves too. The good news is, we're waking up, oh yes we are, and this week, when anxiety or an attack of the 'not good enoughs'', I urge you to take a deep breath, step away from social media, look at yourself in the mirror and stare deep into your eyes, deep as you can go, right into the womb of who you really are and tell yourself 'I see you' - look past all the bullshit conditioning, all the stories + labels that don't belong to you but have a tight grip on who you believe you are, and repeat 'I see you' - we all need to be seen, but let's not look outside ourselves for that acknowledgement or either side of us to compare ourselves to others, start by looking in. I SEE YOU. And FYI: you're fucking beautiful.

Tag/send this to a friend who may need to hear this today. Jeez, I know I did.

SHE Quest tools: 🔻A mirror - I HEART my LIFE LOVES ME mirror, a gift from a Hay House goodie bag! 🔻Snow Flake Obsidian - this crystal is a stone of purity, it brings balance when our thoughts spiral out of control. 🔻Quartz - to activate your SHE Power 🔻Citrine - to bring light + personal power to your solar plexus chakra