SHE READING: Be the change


unedited insight + wisdom direct from SHE through me. I'll be honest, I was hoping more than anything for today's card to be surrender. I'm day 1 of my menstrual cycle + despite the powerful energy of the summer solstice here in the northern hemisphere teamed with a superpower Full moon in sagg which is the second in a row this year and is really rare, I'd like to just stay under my duvet for the rest of the week, but our pull from the SASSY SHE Oracle cards this week is: TRANSFORM. (Of course it is.)

SHE SAYS: in the next two weeks you'll be preparing for big energy shifts, you've felt them already and it's not been comfortable, so I understand any hesitation or resistance you might have to becoming the change. But the change is what you are being called to become. Don't worry, there'll be time for adjustment, but your job right now is to grow roots. Strong solid roots + then allow the summer sun (metaphorically if you live in the UK) burn away EVERYTHING else. Old beliefs, limitations, anything that's keeping you from growing - let it all burn to ashes. Now is the time to take radical self-responsibility, what isn't serving you? Give it up to the solstice fire so that you can grow, rise + be fully of service to yourself and others from a place of power. But be gentle with yourself, this transformational, alchemical burn up WILL leave you feeling raw, vulnerable + frustrated - don't turn back tho, burn ALL the bridges. Tread new paths, slowly + intentionally.

SHE MEDICINE FOR THE WEEK AHEAD 🔻Obsidian crystal - this a Native American arrowhead gifted to my‪#‎warrior‬ self. Use obsidian for protection and boundary setting. 🔻I am OBSESSED with Root + Flower and ALL their prods, but I'm using this base chakra oil daily and repeating the mantra: 'I am grounded, safe + secure' 🔻 Lavender essential oil on your pulse points will calm your nervous system as you burn up old beliefs + limitations.

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