SHE READING: true colours, life experiences + your beautiful soul


Direct insight + wisdom from SHE through me. So this weekend was a new moon - how was it for you?

I was away on a press trip where I got to share about Love Your Lady Landscape for the first time - it felt strange to share as I'd only just finished with my red pen on Thursday, and there I was talking about it with journalists a day or two later, I'm not going to lie, I felt vulnerable and not good enough. I then got annoyed that I was feeling vulnerable and not good enough. I pulled from the Sassy SHE oracle cards before I spoke, and I got TRUE COLOURS. I unwrapped the set I keep on my desk to do a reading for you tonight and guess what? I got TRUE COLOURS.

Deep breath. Take a few moments to imagine that today has been epically shit. That you were NOT in your power. That you felt fat in the outfit you were wearing and your hair would just NOT do what it should. You tried everything to cover your 'not enoughness' and nothing worked. Now imagine you're walking home and a beautiful, silver haired woman stops you, puts her hand on top of yours, looks deep into your eyes, holds your gaze (you want to break it but you can't) + says, 'you have the most beautiful soul I have ever seen.' Your true colours - everything that isn't your body, appearance, and thought patterns - is being witnessed for the first time. Hear it. Feel it. Acknowledge the resistance and let it go. Be fully present with the truth. Allow your true colours to always be present as you grow to love experimenting with your life experience. Become someone who can view your experience of life, your body, your work, your relationships as something that is ever changing - become the creatrix of your daily life - safe in the knowledge that your true colours, your essence, your soul is the most beautiful SHE and I have EVER seen.

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SHE MEDICINE FOR THE WEEK AHEAD: 🔻 A garnet wand to strengthen your root chakra when you feel vulnerable 🔻 Selenite to remove any energy blocks 🔻A maltese rock to connect with the goddess, with SHE, with source. Ahhh.

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