SHE Reading: speak in your outside voice


Unedited insight + wisdom direct from SHE through me. Is the mist lifting yet? Are you starting to see things a little clearer? Today's pull from the SASSY SHE oracle Cards is TRUTH and she has a sword that will cut through any remaining uncertainty + not knowing and get straight to the truth. YOUR truth.

My mumma used to tell me off for talking in my 'outside' voice inside. She's say I was 'too loud' and was scared stupid I'd say something that would upset someone or make them think badly of me. I used to think she was embarrassed of me + trying to keep me small, but I now know, (after a LOT of therapy) that my mumma was just looking out for me, she'd carried the fear of her mumma, and her mumma before her, this shit is bone deep and ancient in ALL of us.

We all need to talk in our outside voices about what is real + true for us. Don't hold back from saying what you think about something political, if something is causing you rage, call it out, don't say yes when you really mean no just because you're inner good girl needs validation. Check in right now, where are you feeling out of whack? Is a situation not sitting well for you? Have you made a decision and it doesn't feel comfy? Forget people pleasing or trying to make life easier for others, what's YOUR truth? Don't be afraid to speak in your 'outside' voice. Telling your truth doesn't mean being bitchy or harsh, it means knowing super clearly what's true to you + that how it lands in others is really none of your business.

How do you feel about speaking in your 'outside' voice? Share in the comments below.

SHE medicine for the week ahead: 🔻sword of truth to cut though the ancient ties that keep us from speaking out or seeing things clearly. 🔻brown Jasper to keep you grounded and help overcome old habits 🔻 Cordeirite is used to strengthen self-responsibility - LOVE this crystal!

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