SHE READING: Peace, Heart + Abundance

Unedited insight + wisdom from SHE (through me) for the week ahead.
This morning there is SO much juju flowing through me that I've had to go out for an hour-long medicine walk in nature before I could even think about sitting at my desk - and I've been called to change it up this week + do a three card SASSY SHE oracle cards pull with crystals - PEACE + HEART + ABUNDANCE


Bow your head towards your heart, belly + womb, take in a deep, all-the-way-to-the-yoni breath + then slowly exhale.
Essentially, in ANY moment when life feels hard or stressy this week (and there will be plenty) this is ALL you have to do to find peace in your body. Give big love + reverence to your heart, gut + womb connection, because this is the ever-pulsing connection to your truth + intuition - it will NEVER do you wrong. 
When you begin to think that who you are is measured by your to-do list or how many likes you have on Instagram, when you start looking outside yourself for answers, or worrying that people are doing it 'better' than you, come back to that heart, belly + womb connection, breathe + TRUST THAT." Please share with a sister who may need this today, I know I did!
SHE Medicine for the week ahead:
Fluorite - this stone will help you to meditate and learn to get past the chatter so you can access your truth

Ruby - this fiery stone actively stimulates the #root #chakra and will bring you a sense of power so your truth is always delivered with love + compassion

Bloodstone - known as the sun stone, is a nurturing mother goddess stone, use it to adjust to new circumstances that don't feel too comfy and to help you trust your intuition.
#mala beads are my favourite tool in reminding me to breathe (these beauties were gifted to me by my teacher and friend Elena Brower) run each bead through your thumb and middle finger, take a breath and do it again - add the mantra 'I am love' to super charge the practice.
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