SHE Flow + Nicky rockets = BEST COLLAB EVER



As you know, I am a retro-loving, plus-sized yogini who helps women to find fierce love for the body they're in throughSHE Flow yoga + movement. Now, both me + my students know that clothing options for plus sized yoginis are limited, which is why I've hooked up with Nicky Rockets - my go-to-dude for tees that look good AND make you feel like a badass -  to create the SHE Flow Yogini tee.

Isn't it awesome?!!

On July 31st, SHE Flow Summer School begins - a 4 week movement, mantra, mala + meditation programme for gutsy girls (registration officially opens on July 1st, but because you let me send you love notes each week, you'll be getting all the deets next week with a sweet, sweet discount!)

For those who have yet to experienceSHE Flow, it's a fierce + feminine yoga practice that puts the 'ass' in ass-ana, and I wanted a tee that made myself + the women who wear it feel so fierce AND feminine they run into the sea and do an impromptu Kali Ma pose.

Wait, I think that's just me.

Which is why I called in Nicky Rockets.

He's based here in the UK + hand prints each tee himself + basically he's a super-talent, (check out his other tees too - I have them ALL in slash neck, my personal fave is Ziggy Pugdust, after the SHE Flow Yogini one, obvz.) he is also the husb-o of one of my most favourite ladies in the whole world, Betty Pamper, which is why it was a no brainer to collab with him. (and when I say collab, I chucked words and phrases at him, and he came up with THIS!)

This tee celebrates ladykind as SHE Flow Yogini's - girls + women who know that a yoga body is ANY body that wants to move and feel good!

To pre-order yours (they're available in normal tee, slash neck and vest) head over and if you post a picture of you wearing yours on instagram beforeJuly 30th with the #sheflowyogini #sheflowsummerschool + tagging @nickyrockets +@sassylisalister you'll be entered into a prize draw to win a place at SHE Flow Summer School starting July 31st - ohhh yeah!