After the Twitter storm that ‪#‎livetweetyourperiod‬ caused, the best + most real way to normalise periods is to talk about it, so I've decided to share my cycle via Instagram.Yep, from day 1 (which came a day early and took me completely unawares - grrr!) through to whatever day I bleed again, I'll be sharing my entire cycle experience - join me @sassylisalister - this is a li'l bit scary, but also feels completely necessary in the normalising of talking about our menstrual cycle. I've charted my cycle for the past four years + shared it in circles, in Lady Landscape + recently in my book, Code Red, but never in public - I've already been told 'woah, that's too much information' and 'do you really need to talk about it publically?' Er...YES. Yes, I do. I'm not doing it to shock or offend, far from it, I'm doing it because when we talk about it, we realise that we're not alone, we realise that we show up differently in each phase of our cycle, we realise that we're NOT crazy + that inconsistency is part of the cyclic experience - I want all women to know themselves + unlock their feminine super powers + for me there is NO better way to do that than through your menstrual cycle.

Each day at @sassylisalister, I'll be sharing a true, few line representation of what would otherwise be in my charting journal... I'm going to share how it is for me, emotions + thoughts that show up on certain days - days I can take on the world and days when I want to gouge people's eyes out with a spoon -  and share tips on how I manage my cycle.

If any of you want to join me, I'm using the hashtags ‪#‎sharemycycle‬ + ‪#‎instacycle‬ I started Sunday with day 1, the first day of my bleed, when my need for bubble + squeak for breakfast at my favourite cafe far outweighed the need to brush my hair or put on make up.

To find out more about cycle awareness, Code Red: Know Your Flow, Unlock Your Monthly Super Powers + Create a Bloody Amazing Life. Period is out now and available to buy in both kindle + paperback HERE