Does the term self-love make you vom in your mouth? Or is that just me?

cosmo So, a few weeks ago, I wrote about my relationship with my body, self-love and chocolate. (not the good-for-you sacred cacao kind, the kind that comes in a purple wrapper.)

I wrote about my self-love pilgrimage to #INbodyment. Which basically involves me working in collab with SHE to come into a place o’ ‘like' in this Lisa body.

FYI: SHE + I negotiated we start with ‘like’ because anytime I've seen the phrase self-love in the last few years, it’s made me vom in my mouth a bit. It felt so ‘worthy’, and for the most part, I was being called into it by green-juice drinking, raw-food eating, glow-y skin types. This did not, in any way, make me want to love myself. In fact it made me want to eat a pie. Or a Snickers. Or both.

Well, since then, #INbodyment has become a ’thing’. It’s trended on twitter, I’ve done a photoshoot for Cosmopolitan magazine, and I’ve received hundred o’ emails from awesome gutsy girls demanding I turn it into an online course.

Ladies, I hear you, but it’s become super-clear to me that #INbodyment is WAY bigger than me. It's a SHE-led, life-long, deeply transformational pilgrimage, and one that I’ve only just packed my leopard-print suitcase for myself, but, while sailing the high seas and immersing in the solstice sun, I've had an idea.

If the term self-love made me vom in my mouth a li’l bit back then, there’s a chance it might be doing the same for you now. 

I mean, it’s a great concept in theory, right? But where’s the juice? Who wants yet another green juice recipe, I wanted the real juice, the real how-to on how to find this illusive self-love and create a version of it that felt real and true to me. Now I haven't got all the answers, but a great teacher once told me 'we teach what we need to know most’ (Jason Hood, I LOVE you) so I got to thinking, if like me, you've struggled with, or are currently struggling with the concept o’ self-love, lets go there.

Lets go there together.

Let’s hook up, this summer, and go to the SASSY Self-love Summer School.

Since embarking on my #INBodyment pilgrimage, I’ve seen that by turning self love into a me-created, sacred spiritual practice that’s completely in tune with my lady rhythms, self-love can actually be sweet-tasting, and not, as I first thought, sick-inducing.

I TOTALLY want this for you too, which is why I'm inviting you to join me for 28 days, 4 weeks, this summer for SASSY Self-love. It really is the very best kind o' love.

Yep, by the end of our work together not only will you be able to say 'self-love' without pulling a cringe-y face, you’ll mean it, from deep down in your lady-bones, because you really will be diggin' on your sweet-self.

How do I know? Because I can do it. I can totally say 'self-love' without pulling a cringe-y face. Self-love, self-love, self-love. See? And I mean it, I really mean it, I love me. Not all the time, obv., especially not on day 27 of my bleed cycle, but at least once a day, I find love for me and the body that I’m in. How freakin’ awesome is that? I’ve created a you-nique-to-me SASSY - Spiritual, Authentic, Sensational, Sensual, YOU - self-love practice and I want to share the tools, insight, wisdom and rituals that I'm using, to help you do the same. 

You will activate your connection to SHE, I’ll provide guidance on how to create a you-nique-to-you devotional practice, I’ll invite you to commit to daily SASSY sadhana, all of which, will most importantly, bring you into a relationship with the awesome body that you’re in.

This isn’t a 5 point plan to love your body, I won’t be providing diet plans or an exercise regime - although I WILL be sharing some SASSY yoga videos with you - if you’ve ever thought 'I’m not bendy-wendy enough/I’m too fat/I’m just not fit' (delete as applicable) to do yoga, SASSY yoga will change that shiz up! - I am simply your guide-ess, sharing my insights, holding your hand and cheering you on as you awaken, and work with, your innate feminine SHE power, understand your cyclic nature and align your heart, gut and womb to develop a daily self-love - see? I said it again! - practice that feels totally real and true to you. 

It may look like mine, it may not. It may involve mala beads and chanting, it may involve rocking out on stage in killer heels and a hot pink boa. How it looks is unimportant, how it feels however, is totally essential.

Tweet: #sassyselflove What your self-love practice looks like is unimportant, how it feels however, is totally essential.

It’s going to get spiritual, really spiritual, because spirituality and self-love are not mutually exclusive, but it doesn't mean you have to sell all your worldly goods, join an ashram and sit crossed legged for hours on end - unless of course you're called to, and that's totally cool - but just know that I won't be giving up my pretty shoes and handbags anytime soon. The SASSY Self-love Summer School isn’t a one-size-fits-all set up, it’s not a glossy guide to body confidence either, because that’s just not how I roll. It’s an exploration into what self-love feels like for you. Basically, if you're wondering what on earth a spiritual practice has to do with self-love, if you can't imagine ever being able to say ‘I love me’ out loud, or you’re simply wanting to know what it might feel like to just, even for a fleeting moment each day, not hate on your body - you are going to dig the SASSY Self-love Summer School. Fact.

As soon as I’m back from adventures with the hot viking, I’ll be sharing a whole lot more deets on this with you. The perfectionist in me is freakin' out that I'm telling you about it before designing pretty graphics, getting all the deets together, choosing awesome imagery or creating a home page for it, but, what can I say? I got excited and I want you to be excited too!

So, until I'm back, here are the dates you need to know:

Enrollment begins: Wed 9th July

Enrollment Ends:  Wed 23rd July

The SASSY Self-love Summer School opens it's doors on Sat 26th July and  ends on Fri 22nd Aug 2014.

I’ve also decided to offer a 48-hour ‘I am TOTALLY in!’ discount to everyone on the mailing list starting Mon 7th July. Woop! 

So if you're not on the list but you want in on more deets and a rather fabulous discount, sign up below: