Self-employment feeling hard? Write it a love-letter.

Wondering why you ever thought running a business was a good idea? If fear, self-doubt and overwhelm are eating you alive, it’s time to fall back in love with self-employment.

So, here’s the start of a love-letter. Seven powerful reasons to choose - and keep choosing - to walk this path. (Feel the love right till the end and you'll see there’s plenty of room for you to join in.)

Dear Self-Employment,

Oh how I love thee. Let me count the ways.

You let me get up when I want

Unlike with my ex (The Job), you show me I no longer have to contort myself to fit someone else’s schedule. You hold me as autonomous, independent, an adult. Some days I love snuggling under the duvet. Other days I’m raring to go and want to jump up with the early sunshine. You allow me this freedom - to work at 6am or 11pm, whenever best suits my creative juices.

You nudge me out into the fresh air to soak up vitamin D and you seduce me onto the yoga mat in the afternoon when my brain freezes. You fill my kitchen with healthy food and allow me to eat in tune with my hunger, not in some designated “lunch hour”. You take me on dates to cafes, where I drink smoothies and plug into worldwide connection, watching the 9-to-5ers hurry past.

You never sack me 

Sure, my clients come and go but I love that natural flow of business life. Unlike with The Job, I no longer have all my eggs in one basket. You’ve shown me I’m resilient and flexible, able to adapt my offerings so they’re bite-sized, or leverage my time from one-to-one to groups and products. You’ve shown me that the possibilities for earning income are endless and that my self-employment ship can keep on sailing, whatever the financial climate.

You pay me to grow 

So many times, a business expense has helped me develop personally - like a training course on public speaking or envisioning my brand. Now I’m with you, dear Self-Employment, you’ve given me an excuse to grow. You’ve helped me see I’m my own greatest asset and that it’s therefore not over-indulgent to spend time and money on self-care. (Oh dear Self-Employment, those massages are divine.)

You help me transform my mess into my message

You’ve taken all my past struggles, miseries, despairs and failures and transmuted them into learning experiences that I can use to help others. You’ve made my past useful; it informs my story, provides my compelling “why”.

You pair me up with the coolest people

You match me with the most ideal clients, who are a delight to spend time with, and you surround me with inspirational self-employed comrades. There’s no moaning, bitching or complaining at the office water cooler; instead, there are celebratory tweets, empathetic hugs and a true sense of brother and sisterhood.

You’ve given my self-esteem a massive boost

You’ve got me fully using my talents and the feedback has humbled me. Every day, you sit me down and excavate my truest voice - and I grow in confidence when I find it’s what people are yearning to hear. You’ve helped me see it’s okay to express all of me with utter authenticity. Being with you has enabled me to feel truly “on purpose”, doing the work I was born to do.

You pay me to do what I love

Being with you shows me it’s absolutely possible to earn a sustainable income through doing what comes naturally. You’ve tapped me into a flow of money that is reciprocal to the flow of passion and joy. You’ve turned me off the idea of retirement because I get to live the life I want now. You’ve given me a reason to feel proud, to watch myself growing, emerging, evolving - creating both the present and future I desire.

... And now it’s over to YOU. What do you want to say to self-employment? If you’re either walking this path or yearning to, you know why it’s so deliciously attractive - so join the discussion.

Leave a comment below and let us know: What do you love about self-employment? What’s awesome about running your own business? And when you’re having a tough day, what makes it all worthwhile?

Oh - and feel free to include love for you too. Let’s celebrate what’s awesome about you for walking this path.