SASSYology is LIVE!

Yeah, baby! It may be raining outside, but let nothing rain on your pink parade today, just put up your pink heart-shaped umbrella and dance in the rain because SASSYology is live - wohhhhoooo!

To celebrate, I'm giving away THREE - count 'em, baby! - of my brand new You + Me = Badass-ery sessions. Not only do I paint the place, make it look real pretty and fill it with gorgeous make-life-better-ness, I'm pimpin' myself out too, I'm like the gift that keeps giving!

So what is SASSYology?

SASSYology is the study of all things SASSY: Spiritual, Authentic, Sensual & Sensational You! See what I did there?

Now, when all five SASSY elements combine, it unleashes the innate awesomeness of the most kick-ass members o’ girlkind who came before us. It’s your magickal chutzpah, your go-for-it girl juice, your cosmic ju-ju, your very own super-girl super-power.

When you're SASSY, you become quite possibly the most bewitching bombshell. The kind o’ gal who is so completely in tune with her sassy super-powers that you can identify, go after, and most importantly, conjure up and invoke what ever it is you want in life, all while dancing to your very own beat and wearing completely inappropriate footwear.

To master the art o’ SASSY and become the most beautiful badass who drops bliss bombs like a trail o’ rose petals, you can start by:

Signing up for your free copy of the SASSY-festo: Revolution Starting for Gutsy Girls - there's a ridunkulously pretty pink box over to the right of your screen, see it? Go fill in your deetz, and it'll be sent straight to your inbox. You'll also be signed up for a monthly SASSY bliss bomb, that will be sent with love to you each month filled with news, insights and not-on-the-blog goodness. What are you waiting for? Go subscribe to the newsletter, pronto.

Read the blog often. It's the magazine I've always wanted to read. It's filled with make-life-better features, truthz, life lessons and rather beautiful bliss bombs. I write words o’ wonder on a regular basis and, luckily for you, some of my most favourite people will be contributing too - click here to meet them, they're awesome.

Buy the book. SASSY the go-for-it-girl’s guide to becoming the mistress of your destiny will be out September 2012. There will be a lot o’ pink fizz, party poppers and general awesomeness available around this time, I promise. The good news is, allsorts of fabulous people are saying really rather nice things about it already.

[quote style="boxed" float="none"]This is absolutely freakin' brilliant and every woman, actually not just every woman, but every man too, must read this. It'll inspire you to do great things from the first word. This book is electric and Lisa Clark is on fire... [/quote]

The Barefoot Doctor, bestselling author. (Oh, and my spiritual man-crush.)

Work with me. I am a badass coach. If you want to write a book of your own, have a big idea that you want to make happen, tap into your SASSY super-powers or simply set your awesome dial to 'wow', I'm totally your girl. Sign up to my services There will be a LOT of laughter, maybe a few dirty jokes and definitely one or two expletives, but we WILL do awesome work together and most importantly, we’ll make BIG, BIG amazing shit happen.

I'm totally doing a happy dance to celebrate. Now, a happy dance may provide mild amusement for those that can see through my window right now, but to provide fierce, wild happy vibin' on a HUGE scale, we need to share the love.

You in?

To make the idea o' love sharin' even sweeter, I'm offering THREE - count 'em, baby - love sharers a You+me=badass-ery The sessions cost £249 each, and in 90 minutes, we’ll get down and dirty, experience the sweetest pleasure, and yes, there’s a good chance that when we’re done, you’ll need to go lay down in a darkened room. I have that effect. Together we’ll create your pink-print o’ success so that you can go start a revolution! To be in with a chance of winning, simply by share the SASSY love stuff...

How to win:

Sign up to the SASSY-festo.

Connect with me on Facebook and twitter

Blog about SASSYology and the giveaway.

Tweet about the giveaway and please include the URL to this page. Using #SASSYlaunch and/or @lisaclark will make this easier to find. Multiple tweets are awesome, but only one tweet per day will count. Facebook about the giveaway. Again, only once per day counts as an entry.

Entries will be accepted through 'til midnight on Friday May 4th 2012. Be sure to leave a comment about where you link in with Twitter, Facebook, blog and/or google+ too.

All entries will be entered into a techno spreadsheet-thingy, numbered, then a number will be chosen at - it's like the lottery, or something. Winners will be contacted directly, but I will also do a call out here too.

So what you waiting for? Take a look around, shout about what you dig and share the SASSY vibin' far and wide...