Sassy Satsang: The Barefoot Doctor on why women are awesome

SASSY is when Spiritual, Authentic, Sensual and Sensational You is aligned and your super-powers are unleashed. Satsang is an ancient Sanskrit word. It means sitting together in truth. 

I have combined the two to create a weekly segment where I hook up with some of my favourite spiritual teachers and we freestyle on all things SASSY. Cool, huh?

Last month I got face time with my spiritual man-crush, The Barefoot Doctor, over tea and scones. How thoroughly British of us.

To say this man rocks my world is an understatement. The dude has mad skills at doing spirituality in a way that drops truth bombs from 30 feet, soothes wounds with a loving balm o' authenticity and, well...he knows his shit.

We spoke about the awesomeness o' women, spirituality, celebrity culture and the power o' the clitoris. How thoroughly un-British of us.

Over the next four weeks, I'll be sharing insights from our satsang. This week: Why women are awesome. Best subject ever.

"...It seems to me instinctively, and it has done since I was a kid, that the  power that will support the intelligence that's required in the global dialogue - the human family - to deal  with and negotiate, the crisis that we're currently in, like climate change for one and there are lots more, is the wisdom of the feminine. We need the yin, the motherly, maternal aspect to come to the fore, because when things are really difficult, if you could go to a really wise, enlightened loving mother, and say 'wow mum, I'm really going through a difficult time and I don't know what do', the wise, loving intellingent mother version of the feminine would say, 'listen, everything passes, you'll get through this, what you need to do is...' By the time you left their company, you'd be feeling 'yeah, I can do it, I know what to do, everythings' all right again.'

Because of the overcrowding on the planet, it's much more difficult to live together  in this limited space we have, so we need this feminine energy to be strong and prevalent. If you have a lot of unruly children in the playground, you'd want to have a wise feminine loving energy that, if a kid in the playground punched another, would explain, 'now come on, that's not how we operate here, we want to make it easier for each other, we want to play nicely don't we?' and the kid, nods and smiles and goes, 'yeah we do', and we need more of that. This energy isn't just in women, women embody it, but it's in men as well. Men have the feminine too, just as women have the masculine, the interesting thing is, especially here in UK, it appears to me that the balance of power is equalising, bringing out the feminine in men, men are becoming a lot less uncomfortable about expressing their truths and their feelings, being more nurturing with each other. It's beautiful and it's powerful. Feminine energy is awesome. I've always loved girls. I believe in fairness and it wasn't fair before and that's bullshit. Women are amazing..."

High fives to that, Mister BD.

Now, what do you think? Do you believe the balance of power is finally equalising? Is girl-kind going to save mumma earth?