SASSY satsang: The Barefoot Doctor on celebrity culture and being judge-y

SASSY is when Spiritual, Authentic, Sensual and Sensational You is aligned and your super-powers are unleashed. Satsang is an ancient Sanskrit word. It means sitting together in truth.  I have combined the two to create a SASSY Satsang, where I hook up with some of my favourite spiritual teachers and we freestyle on all things Spiritual, Authentic, Sensual, Sensational & You. Cool, huh?

Last week, The Barefoot Doctor and I discussed why women are awesome, this week? We talk celebrity culture. And swear. A lot.

"...I did get caught up in the celebrity bullshit. I'd been underground, then Handbook of The Urban Warrior took what I do to the mainstream and I was on TV, in newspapers and magazines. I've never really been into anything mainstream apart form the Beatles, so initially, it was exciting being recognised all the time. We all love attention, it was a novelty. But quite quickly it became rather intrusive because you realise, that it's a game. When they stop you in the street, people expect you to play the role of a demi god, they don't want you to be human, they want to put you on a pedestal, and I wasn't doing it for that, the reason I was doing it was to reach out to my brothers and sisters, it wasn't to become better than them, that's for sure.

[quote style="boxed" float="none"]I like doing normal things, but I'd be on tube doing things that you do as a human being, like thinking 'hmmm, what am I going to have for tea? Where am I going to get the money to pay for that?' and somebody would lean forward in the morning and go, 'do you think that the Tao is the same as god? Or is there a difference? ' and I'd be like 'What? Oh fuck. I'm THAT guy.' [/quote]

It brought to me much envy and destructiveness in a quite concerted way, at a certain  point in time, which I found to be a really powerful growth experience, but not one I'd really like to repeat if I can help it. It's such a timewaster and it's horrible to be in that position, so I totally disarmed it. It was really fucking boring and importantly, all the 'celebrity' bullshit stopped me doing what I wanted to do. You go on TV and you do an amazing job of working with someone and the programmers edit it down to some piece of bullshit that doesn't show what really happens, but just sits with the vibe of the stupid programme and I just thought, I don't want to do that, that's not what I'm here to do,

My voice, the voice that guides everything I do, at one point said if you don't dismantle this, it's going to dismantle you, this was 7 -years ago - you've built the platform, we've asked you to build the platform, but you've totally forgotten what you came here to talk about, you think it's boring to teach what you're here to teach, but that's because you're making it all about you, it's got to be dismantled, so I did. I set about dismantling every aspect down to what I could control myself, which is the internet stuff, and built up from there again. So right now, I don't really engage in the whole celebrity bullshit, it is all just part of the PR machine to sell goods, its been refined to such an incredibly sophisticated level, that whole aspect of the culture just doesn't interest me anymore than Tampax interests me, personally.

But what about the Big Om, will that not propel you right back into the place that you tried to escape? "...It'll propel the event that's for sure. and if that requires me to be the face for it, and to talk about it, then of course I will. I don't really feel the need, or interest, to promote myself as a brand again, there's none of that. The other day I was thinking 'wow this will be so good for the brand' and I literally caught myself because that was like the old voice talking, and I was like 'fuck that, it's about the event it's about what's happening in the world now.'

But that's hard, right? To make a living, spread your message, and not get caught up in that? "...It's fucking hard. It's a really difficult balance to strike and I have to say, it's a fluid thing and I don't claim to have any mastery over it. At the moment I seem to be doing alright. I'm here to serve. That's what you and I need to keep in mind, it's all about the consciousness wanting to spread itself, and I'm just a servant for that, and I just need to remember to keep being loving and compassionate, more than harsh and judgmental.

[quote style="boxed" float="none"]I am human and I too get entranced by the illusion of being a competitive, separate individual, wondering how well am I doing? Am I better? Am I worse? And all that shit that we talk about to ourselves. [/quote]

I do get mad and think 'what a bunch of fucking tossers' and I kinda enjoy it for a couple of moments, but then it begins to feel like I've got a straightjacket on, and I remember that all of this, all of these people, are just the Tao. I mustn't be so arrogant as to think that I know better, it's just the Tao expressing itself. Yeah, that person might be asleep to the fact that they're the Tao, but they're here so respect them please, it's a reminder.

We have figures like the Buddha  to look to. He wouldn't say, 'look at those fucking bunch o' wankers', would he? He would be loving and say 'yes, very good, now spread the light' and that's what we're ALL here to do. Remembering that, keeps it all pretty straight forward..."

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