The REDvolution will start with a #bloodyconversation

Do you know what I love about you? EVERYTHING. But right now, the thing I love the most, is your response to last week’s blog post where I encouraged you to start a #bloodyconversation – damn, you do NOT disappoint.

Embarrassment, curiosity, disgust, shame are all re-occuring themes. A significant amount of you are very much in the ‘I hate it, I want rid of my whole womb + ovaries NOW’ camp – and seriously, I am SO glad you’re here. There were some deeply emotive + empowering shares about coming off the pill + how you realize that your body desperately wants to connect with you through your menstrual cycle – YES! - while there were others of you who felt totally pressured by what I write about the pill when they’re really happy on it, thank you very much. You are so welcome here too.

I LOVE it all. Of course, my biggest heart wish for everyone who has a womb + bleeds is that they recognize it as an innate power source, but I’m not a dumb-ass. There’s a whole lot of societal conditioning that’s gone down in the last 2,000 years, so it makes total sense that it’s going to take more than Code Red and the work of the wise women and priestesses that have gone before me to start a REDvolution.

Dudes WILL be fretful of women re-discovering and remembering how to connect with their SHE power, some women WILL freak out at the idea of connecting with their blood when they live in a super-sanitized environment and others would much rather exist solely in their pre-conditioned masculine structure because despite feeling constantly stressed, fatigued + pushing their adrenals to the limit, this is a known space, they fit in here. But slowly, one #bloodyconversation will turn to another. I received this email from a lady called Di - she’s given me permission to share it with you – because quite frankly, she’s proof of how this REALLY works. Come meet her.

"My periods started at age 10 and were horrendous. My mother told me ‘now you're dirty!’ Each and every month everything had to be hidden as 'you are dirty for that whole time of the month'. Oh my gosh, it took me years to get over that. Always trying to hide my bleed from everyone, especially boyfriends when I got to the age of dating.

I went on to become a nurse and dealt with people from pre-conception all the way through to death and met lots of women with ‘women’s issues’, as well as young girls having to deal with first periods etc so I made it my mission to learn how to work with our cycle, to try to help the females around me.

I then had a major accident with a horse and could have lost my life. I was told I’d probably struggle to walk again as I had broken my lower back, pelvis and hips. I went into survival mode, operation after operation, meant that I forgot to follow the energy of my cycle as I was pre-occupied with simply getting through the pain of being in a broken body.

Then, Code Red came into my life. I have been ingesting every word and just thinking about what’s going on with my biological body as apposed to my broken shit body - wow what a change. I am already starting to feel so much more balanced, I’m using aromatherapy oils again like I used to, and my mood has lifted because I’m able to acknowledge ‘hey it's ok, this is where you're at in your cycle, just be cool with it and stop the self abuse about feeling insecure or confused or irritable!’

So thank you for your inspirational teaching and down-to-earth writing, you've brought me back from the depths, reminded me of who I am, the female who has a cycle each month that doesn’t need to be dreaded, but loved and accepted. I don't know how long it would have taken me to remember this shit if it wasn't for you book. This year has been a re-self-discovery, I’ve been under the knife 10 times in 5 years and it’s knocked me for six, and I’m only now beginning to navigate how to be ME in a disabled body, in this shell.

Thank you for reminding me how to allow me to come back to me. You Rock."

See? When we have a #bloodyconversation, lives change + REDvolutions start. FYI: The REDvolution starts here. Who’s in?

FYI: If you find yourself digging on the #bloodyconversation + the sharing of #bloodstories, we are having LOTS o’ them over in the Code Red FB group, come join us.