Reap your garden o' awesomeness

Ming Yue. Harvest Goddess by hollysierra.comSo, being the gypsy witch that I am, I love to celebrate magickal and mystical events, and today here in the northern hemisphere, it's Lughnasadh, pronounced looon-ahhhh-sahhhh, a celebration of the Celt god Lugh and the first day o' harvest. What better day is there to reflect on the first half of this year and the seeds o' awesome that you've planted? It doesn't matter if they were seeds of intention (although they are my most favourite o' kinds) or if you accidently dropped them on your journey throughout the year...What kick-ass-ness did YOU put into motion that you are now able to celebrate? At my school, harvest festival meant we had to bring in tins o' food to share with others less fortunate than us, which was a lovely gesture and all, but the SASSY harvest o' awesome rolls a li'l like this...Whatever goodies you've planted in your own metaphorical soil over the last 6 months - the ideas you've been developing, the book you've been writing, the love you've been giving your sweet self - now is the time to reap them and celebrate them, g-friend. Yep, it's time to harvest your garden o' awesome, gather up the yummy goodies and celebrate your obscenely incredz growth in the last 6 months - cool, huh?!  Maybe you're a green-fingered gertrude and you've got an ACTUAL garden that you've sewn seeds in and they're now totally doing their thing in the world, your garden o' awesome is totally like that. In the same way that you're now able to go and pick some beans from the stem, or enjoy the gorgeous bloom o' flowers, now is the time to reap and celebrate your awesomeness.

I've bought myself a bunch o' dee-lish pink gerberas and did a dance to Ziggy Marley's Love is my religion this moring to remind myself o' the awesomeness I've reaped this year s'far - an engagement to a hot viking, a writing package, WTFB, that I am loving sharing with the world, a brand-new book in production, beautiful, beautiful friendships, a love o' yoga, an abundance o' love stuff - all of which I'm crazy grateful. Perhaps you've made a bubba, your business is growing and developing, you are loving on your sweet self more and more each day, you've developed an awareness to the results of the decisions that you make, you've found passion for a new pleasure that nurtures your soul, you make out a whole lot more and not just because you've read 50 Shades and got a li'l hot and horny, you've  nurtured new friendships and peeled back more delicious layers of your existing ones - whatever it is, gather and celebrate your awesomeness today.

I'm not one to tell people how to celebrate, but if you're stuck for ideas, make like a witch and light a candle, close your eyes, connect with your spiritual homeboy/girl and give big, big love and thanks for your awesomeness so far this year. Be sure to also give props to the awesomeness that remains to be gathered later in the autumn too. Let's not get it twisted, while you have to be super-grateful for what you've got, your awesomeness is infinite so you have to totally give thanks in advance for that too. Dem the rules.

Happy awesome harvesting, g-friends! Be sure to let me know what awesomeness you're harvesting and how you're going to celebrate it - I'm nosey like that!