Are you ready to write a new story?

girl howlingSo, I’m done with this story. You know the one. The one where women are ‘too much’, or ‘not enough’. The one where women forget to dance with themselves, to touch themselves, to undulate with their own pleasure. The one where women no longer come into deep and juicy communion with SHE. The one where women ignore their wild, cyclical nature. The one where women no longer honour their bleed time, and instead curse it and wish that it didn’t exist. The one where we have no idea who the fuck we are because we don’t dare to claim and stand in our total awesomeness.

Love, it’s time for us to write a new story.

Tip (5)Which is why I am inviting you to join me from the 6th Nov to 6th Dec for  Write Your Freakin' Heart (+ guts) Out a 30 day make-out session with your muse. Now, when you dare to get muss up the sheets (of paper) with your muse, something amazing happens. You create space. A space for your voice – the unedited, SHE-powered, straight-from-the-heart-and-guts voice – to speak without fear of ridicule, silencing or censorship. Oh yeah. But then, and this is where it gets really badass, if you unlock your fiercely feminine superpowers (these are accessed through the phases of the moon + your menstrual cycle) not only do you feel like every woman who has gone before you who has NOT told her story has totally got your back, you are luna-led + SHE-powered. You are a force o’ nature. Mumma Nature. And basically, shit gets sacred pretty quickly.

So I invite you to join me for Write Your Freakin’ Heart (+ guts) Out. This started out simply as a writer wanting to share her writing practice with other writers, but now, as I’m writing this love letter to you, it feels much more important than that. It feels like an open invitation to any woman who has ever felt unheard, unsure + without purpose. To any woman who’s started a book and has the nagging voice of an old teacher or family member telling her she’s not good enough. To any woman who’s self-censored her voice whether on paper, or in life, because she’s been told she’s too loud or too much.

The good news? It's £30.

WHY ONLY £30? Because this is important to me. I found my voice – my SHE-powered, from the heart + guts voice – through my moon, muse + menstrual fuelled writing practice. I’ve worked in publishing for the past 15 years and I have had far too many conversations with male publishers who say that ‘female voices with too much ‘I’ in them don’t sell’ I don’t care if they sell, I care that they’re told. Which is why I want to make this practice, and all the incredible female stories that will be told because of it, as accessible and affordable as possible.

All you need to do now is commit. To yourself, to your truth, to your muse and to your daily writing practice. FYI: I’ve seen your muse, and she’s lying rather seductively on a chez lounge declaring ‘paint me like one of your French ladies’ – who wouldn’t want to commit to that?

It’s £30 for 30 days. That’s a pound a day, people – about $1.55 a day for my US sisters – a small price to pay for a spiritual, fiercely feminine, sometimes swear-y, luna-led, truth-telling love-fest for writer-girls.

To find out more about Write Your Freakin’ Heart (+guts) Out click here, if you're ready to sign up now, simply click here.  FYI: Once you have completed your paypal payment, please wait to be re-directed to the sign in page, ‘k?