SHE READING: Shed your skin + bare your soul


Unedited wisdom + insight from SHE through me. It feels like the BARE card from the SASSY SHE oracle cards has come up so many times this year, but it's for good reason. It's not because you're not doing the work - jeez Louise you're doing the work, right?! - it's just you've got so much freaking shedding + letting go to do (societal shiz, family demands, you know the drill) SHE demands that there's still more to go in order to bare your true nature.

Your true nature is your essence.

Who you are underneath all the labels and demands and titles given to you by others, it's your truth, your soul, your bloody brilliance that shines so brightly, except it's been dulled + sullied + covered in the muck of other people's expectations + beliefs and now you're being called to finally shed it ALL. To stop wearing the mask of people pleaser or saying what you think others want to hear + showing up in your truth. Yes, it'll feel vulnerable, that's the point. Vulnerability + truth is what restores us to our true essence. Over + over again.

If you know someone who needs to read or hear this message, feel free to share it with them or tag them here - the world needs more of shining our bloody brilliance. Fact.

SHE MEDICINE: 🔻volcanic rock - this will stoke the inner fire that will help to shed what's no longer needed. 🔻 Tourmaline to protect you from emotion vamps who try to suck you of your brilliance 🔻 Rhodochrosite unlocks + frees any emotional blockages in the solar plexus chakra helping you to return to wholeness.

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