SHE READING: Shake it up + shake it out


Unedited insight + wisdom from SHE through me. So yesterday was the new moon + shit needs shaking up + out, right?! If you've been feeling super-stuck, in your energy/life/a certain situ, this week is your call to get all Tay-Tay Swift on its ass. Which is why BEAUTY from the SASSY SHE Oracle Cards may feel like a total random card, but actually it makes total sense.

SHE SAYS: When you feel stuck or paralysed by something or someone, listen to your body. Be sensitive to what she needs + requests, and it will respond in the most glorious way. When we're feeling stuck we need to move. Try slow intentional hip circles, this stirs your cauldron, your pelvic bowl, the place where most women store the feelings that keep them stuck - and let what needs to be felt be present + stirred. When we create movement, the stuck-ness lessons + we create space + freedom for beauty to rise. It's pretty fucking special.

SHE MEDICINE for the week ahead: 🔻 Pre-order my new book Love Your Lady Landscape + receive a free pass to my online SHE Power Temple where I'll be sharing LOTS of delicious ways to find love for our bodies + our SHE 'scapes. The circle is already gathering on FB - it's beautiful.

🔻 Palo Santo - because once we've felt, stirred, moved + alchemists the stuckness you need to go ‪#‎smudge‬ yo'self, g-friend.

🔻call on Frieda Khalo as your spirit animal, muse, inspiro, ladylove to show you that when we create space for liberation, beauty will ALWAYS rise. Freedom is love. Viva la Frida.

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